Monday, April 29, 2013

"Letter from SECRET" Mini Album Review

A week after 4minute and T-ara's releases, Secret are back to go head to head with the female idol groups to start off the summer! Who will win!!
Yoohoo: The title song, and it's really cute!! Which we all knew was happening. They're going for the summer cutesy theme that they're good at pulling off, taking a break from their sexy image. The song is decent. It's not AS memorable as "Shy Boy" or "Moonlight Starlight" in terms of catchy hooks. Same with the dance. 
Cute and colorful!! They're acting was good when they were in the jungle!! Those aegyo voices...oh too much for me ahaha. Choreo is cute, but not too memorable in my opinion. But who knows, maybe it'll be a hit!
Daddy Long Legs: I really like the r&b vibe for this song! It's a ballad, the guitar helps alot and their voices are really relaxing and chill. I like it.
Only U: It's kind of weird to start calling Zinger as her real name I'm just gonna keep it as that haha. She's my favorite anyways. I love her rap at the beginning, luv her!! The song is mid-tempo, still continuing the chill vibe going on here. I love that they are focusing more on Zinger for this song, I love when she gets her time to shine! She's an amazing rapper, and she's not a rapper the company made her become because she didn't have any skill. No. Homegirl can rap!
B.O.Y.(Because of You): I like the title!! The song is mid-tempo, their voices sound great! I like their cooing and what not, fits the vibe perfectly, and Zinger man she's talented. I like the song!!
Overall this mini album isn't bad at all! It fits the vibe of Spring and Summer very well, so their company did good at making them promote for this time period. I'm not a huge fan of any of the songs, however it's a good album if you like Secret. It's very consistent, I'm glad that they didn't put a random upbeat dance track to throw off the vibe so kudos to that. 

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