Thursday, April 25, 2013

"Name is 4Minute" 4th Mini Album Review

4 Minute is back to start the much-anticipated slew of girl group comebacks for the spring/summer! I've been anticipating this alot myself but I was let down with the song...I hate it this most out of everything they've EVER put out.
What's My Name (Intro): Honestly, this intro is wayyyyyyy better!!! This should have been the actual title song!!! WHAT THE BALLS BRAVE SOUND!!!???!!!! It's got the grungy hip-pop sound too, fierce and more compelling!!!
What's My Name: Ok I don't hate it that much, there are moments that I really like, butttttttt, then I hate it. The instrumental is really good, I just think it was composed poorly and the lyrics aren't that great...It's just weak to me. It's not as fierce and stuff as 4 Minute used to be! It won't be going on my ipod that's for sure...
Music video is...dumb haha. I thought it was cute with them being in the room and what not, but the zombies made absolutely no sense. The choreo is decent, nothing all that memorable except Hyuna of course....
Gimme That: Started off exactly like Keri Hilson's "Way You Love Me" and "Get Ur Money Up" so that kind of put me off...BUT I LOVE IT!! This is the 4Minute I love!!! Hip-hop/pop, very upbeat and fun. Twerkable haha. Hyuna sounds GREAT rapping, and so does Seohyun.
Whatever: Very similar to the style of genre Shinee has been doing lately with the acid/funk/pop and I like it!! The song isn't bad at all!!! I like it!! I LOVE THE SWITCH UPPPP!!!!! GREAT!!
Domino: This honestly should have been the title song, it's upbeat, fun and Brave Sound....

Overall....I love every song off the album except "What's Your Name?" It's been a while since 4Minute has came out with something this good, but the title song is really weak. Catchy, but weak.

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