Sunday, April 21, 2013

"Should Have Treated You Better" uBeat Mini Album Review

U-Kiss is just so desperate for a win and recognition, that they've decided to hop on the sub-unit train like everyone else, and released a mini album a month after the released of their latest album. Excuse me, but what??
Here is the review of their 1st mini album comprised of members Kevin, Eli, and AJ, the English speakers of the group. That's what this sub-unit should've been called to be honest....
Intro: I could do without the ratchet intro, no one had to talk. I was fine with the instrumental.
Should Have Treated You Better: A midtempo pop song. Nothing all that interesting compared to "Standing Still". The song is ok, I'm just glad that they're leaving all that autotune mess behind and giving me quality even though the song is boring.
It's Been a Long Time: I really like the instrumental for this song, it's nice and chill. I like the band feel they've been bringing, like the drums and stuff, it could actually be performed live. Their sexy low voices work, I like the song!!

The rest of these songs are from their "Standing Still" album along with other remixes so this is so irrelevant. I'm sorry but if u-Kiss want to separate themselves from the plethora of rookies, they need to stand out more. "Standing Still" was a great song and I'm glad that the album charted really high, but...this sub-unit brings nothing new the table. APART from the fact that they STAY making comebacks against the bigshots...

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