Thursday, April 25, 2013

"Why So Serious? The Misconceptions of Me" Part 2 Album Review

Shinee is back once again to provide us with another amazing album, part 2 to their "Dream Girl" Album! So excited!! After listening to the highlight medley, I'm gonna love this album!!

Nightmare: I love how this coincides with "Dream Girl" because the vibe is darker, it's a nightmare and they're still asking if she could still be their dream girl. Apart from that, I love it!! This song is AMAZING. Let me tell you how Jonghyun amazingly accents what he's needed to accent. I love the dark vibe, the lyrics, the chorus, the instrumental, the composition. If you listen to EVERYTHING on this song, it is pure genius. It's amazingly creepy and dark which is a great direction I wanted to hear from Shinee. I wish it was the entire concept for the album. Taemin sounds amazing....He can almost compete with Jonghyun if he wanted to. Immortal Song did him well hahaha. GREAT SONG!!!
Why So Serious: For starters, this song has Jonghyun's voice in it...they cut that ninja out of the mv even though he couldn't participate. That's cruel ahahaha. Now for the continues with the genre we were exploring on the "Dream Girl" album. It's rock/pop/electronic which I like, but I don't care for the song THAT much. It will probably grow on me. Once again Taemin sounds amazing. I loved Minho hear too!
SHIne (Medusa 1): Very interesting title!! I'm expecting dark vibes! We get an orchestral instrumental at the beginning, and then it starts kind of dark. Then as the song builds it gives a different feel when it changes key. It's a great song!

Orgel: The minute I heard this song I fell in love with's sexy, r&b/pop, sultry. And those harmonies are giving me life. AMAZING. Just freaking listen to the song I don't even have to review it. And the title means "weird feeling." Koreans use it to describe a weird moment.

Dangerous (Medusa II): I love the concept for this album!! It's clearly telling a story! Like it's split into plays and that's amazing! I love the song, it's classic 80's/90's electro pop. I love it!!!
Like a Fire: More 80's pop here but it gives me the disco, Prince vibe and I'm 100% here for it!! Great song, very upbeat and fun! I love the disco going on!!

Excuse Me Miss: I am in complete awe. The MINUTE it started I freaking fell in love with it!!! It's r&b done right!!!! Like Zion T r&b!!! SM WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN DOING?? FINALLY you are giving me quality music I would ACTUALLY BUY!!! GREAT SONG

Evil: Love it!! I like how it begins all soft to throw us off despite the title of the song, then it goes dark and I love it!! Loving Minho!! Love the breakdown part, I love the chorus! Lmao but that "ebol" or "bieber" is killing me. But other than that it's a great song!! Love it!! Love the instrumental!!

Sleepless Night: A ballad which we haven't heard from them in a while and I love it of course. Beautiful!!

Overall: Ok, I am quite speechless, I don't have a single flaw with this album. Even if "Why So Serious" is the weakest off the album, it still fits well and I love the other songs. I love that it's split into parts and it tells a  story. This album was very consistent which I love and it also gave us something different each time. Great album, I would freaking buy it! Seriously! It's the best SHINee album ever created and it's the best production from SM I've heard ever since DBSK albums. Go listen to it, buy it, put it on your ipod. You won't be disappointed!!

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