Saturday, May 11, 2013

3 Years of Kpop...Wow.

Around this time of year, in 2010 my life changed COMPLETELY!! For the best, to be honest. Without kpop, what would I be doing with my life??

Here's my story on getting into kpop!!
For a long time, I was already into jpop, I listened to Utada Hikaru and Namie Amuro and BoA, but I wanted to get more into jpop, similar to those two. So one day, I was searching on the internet "Top Jpop songs of 2010" and I clicked on a random website. Well instead of it listing Jpop, it listed Kpop songs. I was never interested in Kpop, nor did I want to be interested in it, I thought it would be super wack haha. But on the website I was looking at, in the corner at the top, Big Bang's "Lollipop 2"  MV was playing. I was thinking This song jams!!! I like it alot! And my world changed haha. Everyday after school I would come home and only watch that music video, but I wasn't expressing particular interest in the group, I just really liked that song!!
I knew of Taeyang because I had an Asian friend who loved "Wedding Dress" and played it all the dang time, so I looked him up and realized he was in Big Bang. But I didn't care for Taeyang lmao. I WAS IN LOVE WITH TOP for days!! Because of how creepily good looking he was, I would start looking up videos of Big Bang and finally fell in love with the music.
I fell in love with "Gara Gara Go" SERIOUSLY! I would walk around school with that written on my hand lmao. I loved Lollipop 2 so much I would listen to it 50 million times a day! Now when I listen to that song, the nostalgia is too much!!

After I fell in love with ALL of Big Bang's songs (Japanese and Korean) and looked at ALL of their variety shows, I moved onto another Kpop boy group. 2PM!!
I fell in love with "Heartbeat" and "Without You" and I looked at ALL of their variety shows!! When I got into them, this was around the time Jay had permanently left the group, so on the Youtube comments, I didn't understand why people missed him so much. BUT AFTER WATCHING WILD BUNNY AND IDOL ARMY, I MISS HIM SO MUCH!! I seriously cannot listen to "Again & Again" without a pang in my heart.

Then Super Junior!! I got into them right when they released "Bonamana" so I loved that song, and of course "Sorry, Sorry" I watched all of their shows during the summer and the kpop obsession had finally started!!
I was crazy for kpop, my grades were slipping, I didn't talk to people much unless it was about kpop lol. Just a wave of obsession all at once lol. 
I didn't get into any girl groups until finally 2ne1. "Try to Follow Me" is still my favorite song by them, I watched that MV 10 times a day

So that's my Kpop journey I guess hahaha. Watching variety shows has helped me so much, laughter helped alot!! 2010 is probably the best year of my life hahahaha. Also, watching these kpop artists inspired me in so many ways, it makes me happy, I laugh so much now. And now, thanks to kpop, I was able to join an organization at my school and meet my friends. Without kpop, I honestly don't know where I would be. It has opened so many doors for me. Same with Jpop. Jpop, kpop, Taiwanese pop, Salsa, Bollywood; because of that I met so many people that I'm friends with today it's amazing.

Please share with me your experience with kpop and what got you into it?? Feel free to comment!

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