Sunday, May 5, 2013

"Come Back When You Hear This Song" 2pm Single Review

2pm have also decided to pre-release their comeback single and this is their first title song for the album. AFTER 2 YEARS and a month of cryptic teasers, they ARE FINALLY BACK!!

The MV: With the whole Seven Deadly Sins concept and cryptic codes and what not, I was expecting something very dark and sinister and thought provoking...But no. This music video is SO basic and cheap, a rookie group could do better to an extent. They did put in 6 of the cardinal sins, but they didn't have a backdrop to it. It's just wrath with no real wrath, gluttony with not much glutton besides perhaps being an alcoholic, pride, sloth definitely wasn't sloth, lust was present and perhaps envy. But it wasn't deep. Those cardinal sins have to be very sinister and deep. But instead we got a cheap music video. I hope that for the next song and music video they come out with, it delivers because those teasers were just...If you HOTTEST could tell me the significance to this video and the connection with the codes and teasers that would be great because I don't see it.
The choreo: Loved it, as to be expected. It's 2pm. I don't think the risers were really needed lol but other than that, I love the dance!!
The song: It's not bad, it's decent, but weak. Seriously. Catchy but weak. Not fitting for a title song at all. Like I said, I was expecting something deep and sinister or sexy given all those teasers and codes and this is what we got. I know it's a pre-release and they have multiple title songs, but I waited 2 years for this, can you blame me?? The member line distribution is off too! Chansung and Nichkun as leads AGAIN?!! NO!! I would have preferred Wooyung, Junho and Jun. K as the mains because they are THE MAIN VOCALISTS wtf?? Who cares about popularity JYP?? Give us talent?? Chansung should stick to rapping, I don't mind Nichkun, but come on Wooyung and Junsu barely got anything! And even though Taec raps they gave him 15 seconds, I hate when they randomly put rappers in a song! "Hands Up" was so perfect him and yet...we're back to this stage again. STOP JYP!!

I don't hate the song at all or anything, just very disappointed. Lee Hyori did the same thing, but I know what she has in store for us. I like the song that she did and she went in a completely different direction from what was expected. But for 2pm, it sounds like they downgraded, it's a very basic song. Something rookies would come up with only not as catchy haha. But I will give them a chance. Don't bash me and read my review all the way through please!

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