Sunday, May 5, 2013

"Miss Korea" Song Review

My queen is back!!!! She's ready to slay and snatch edges off of 4minute, Secret and T-ara and the album isn't even out yet! Mind you, this isn't the title song, it's just a pre-release to warn these other lesses that she's about to reign supreme for the summer.

The video: *cries* so many edges were snatched!! She is Miss Korea!! I love this video!! I love the black and white vibe, the 50's outfits I would DIE for those outfits!! I would love to wear it!! Gah!! She's so freaking gorgeous her beauty is timeless, aging like wine! I love the cross-dressing male back up dancers lol!! Other than that there wasn't much to the video. Miss Korea, cute, no choreo because the song is jazzy and mello. I love it!!
The Song: LOVE IT!! It's very different for her. She's not known to be a strong vocalist, so when she tries to do ballads or mid-tempo songs it's not really noticeable and I think she took that into consideration over her hiatus. She went with a different style, a break from the r&b/pop sound and went with blues/jazz. The song is very relaxing and catchy, I'm still repeating "Because I'm a miss-eu Korea" haha. I love it. Her voice sounds good in the lower register, she pulled it off great. I love it!!

Like I said this is only a pre-single I guess, the real title song will be released in a couple of weeks along with the album so stay tuned and hold onto your edges!!

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