Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"Monochrome" Lee Hyori 5th Album Review

The DIVA OF KPOP IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I have waited 3 YEARS FOR THIS ALBUM!!! And it's finally here!!! All you other lesses will have your edges removed, your wigs snatched! Everything! Now get your life!!
Holly Jolly Bus ft Soonshimi: Hyori seems to be giving us a 60's vibe, especially after her 'Miss Korea' release. It's a GREAT vibe for her, even if her voice isn't all that. This song is very 50's and 60's, reminded me immediately of "Dancing in the Street" it's great!! Amazing. Whenever anyone does throwbacks, I'm here for it. She ALWAYS does something. Instead of coming out with a dubstep, electro-pop mess that EVERYONE is doing (*CL*) she went a different route. Way to set trends!! That's why your career has longevity. 
Miss Korea: I reviewed it earlier, and it's AMAZING. GREAT FOLLOW UP to the previous song. Talk about great chemistry and consistency! Flawless.
Love Radar ft Beenzino: Ok the fact that Beenzino is on this song, IMMEDIATELY makes it flawless. Still going with the 60's r&b vibe, this song is more slower and sultry. GREAT SONG
Bad Girls: The first title song she will promote and it's great. I think she made a great choice in making this the title song. It's upbeat and catchy for the public, and also reminiscent for the older crowd, it doesn't have that typical electro pop shit going around. This is some GREAT MUSIC. Good song!
THE MV IS GREAT, funny, quirky, unique! I will post it later
I Hate Myself: Interesting title, great song, ballad in a way, but great song!

Bounced Checks of Love: AMAZING. Just great music to listen to and cherish years from now!! Very typical of songs in the 60's and 70's whoever the producers are for this album, y'all are AMAZING.
Full Moon: More upbeat and rocking, more 70's just a great song!!
Trust Me: It's gotten to the point where I literally have nothing to say because every song is flawless.
Special: Love. Great. Flawless.
Amor Mio ft Park Ji Young of Honey G: Beautiful ballad. Simply beautiful. Even though Hyori isn't that great of a vocalist and Park Ji Yound out sang her, she held her own. She was able to bring a little emotion into the song!
Somebody: Jazzy, sultry. Amazing. Flawless. Just.
Wouldn't Ask You: 70's country music. Great!!
Crazy ft Ahn Yeong Mi: We pick up, upbeat but still keeping the vibe, great song, sassy!
Show Show Show: Favorite song off the album. It's beautifully haunting.
Better Together: Upbeat and different from what the other song was giving haha. It's a great song still.
Oars: Great song!!

Overall: This album....is so beautiful, inspirational, calming, fun, creative, FLAWLESS. This is the most CONSISTENT album I have ever listened to. Almost too consistent. So much to talk about. Ok. The instrumentals are amazing, I love the 60's 70's throwback songs, great homage to the greats! The only problem with that to me is that just about every song is like that, except towards the end. I was getting bored with hearing Hyori's voice stay in the same range, especially since this album has 16 tracks. She doesn't have much vocal talent, she stays in the same range, save a little, and it's boring. However, because of that, her voice works GREAT with the instrumentals. She doesn't have a strong, loud, demanding voice. She can't do runs all that well, or ballads all that well. But she works with what she has and turns it into greatness. That's the only flaw. Too consistent, nothing modern. BUT THAT'S WHAT MAKES THIS ALBUM SO GREAT.
I don't have to hear dubstep, or breakdowns, or electro-pop, or all that NOISE in my ear. It's calming to listen to actual music and enjoy it. It's making you pay attention to everything in the song because it's so simple. 
Lee Hyori has always been a trendsetter in Korea. I'm glad she decided to do something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT AND UNEXPECTED unlike other musicians now a days. I can tell the album will be a hit and sit well with the public. You can jam to it years from now because this genre was done before. It's AMAZING.

I PRAY there won't be any legal issues like plagiarism this time around. This album is too perfect that it does raise my suspicions, mainly because this genre is of the past. But I wish everything well. I love this album, it's amazing and something I will ALWAYS jam to.
This is now my favorite Korean album of all time.

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