Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"The Classic" 11th Shinhwa Album Review

11 albums!! 15 years of Shinhwa, the LEGENDS!!! Wow...It's truly amazing that they're still together. I am such huge fans of them!! I loved their last album, hell their other albums too, so I'm sure this album won't disappoint.
Yes: I find it interesting that once again they are starting off with a mid-tempo, ballad song as an intro instead of something upbeat like most people. In their previous album, they started off with a ballad, and they're doing the same here. Hyesung has such an amazing voice, I mean he's seriously at the top!! The song is nice, nothing too interesting and something that stands out, it's decent.
A Guy You Know: Another mid-tempo song, but it's catchy and it could've been a single too. Very chill and low key, and their voices are very pleasing to listen to.
This Love: This is the title song and it's good!! Very westernized, upbeat, electronic, fun, catchy. But the music video makes this song completely. It has a nice climax and build up and hook, but it's kind of lacking in the awesome category. I will most likely warm up to it because when I first heard "Venus" I was like meh but now I'm in love with it. But it's a great song!! I'm not sure how it will fair against all of these comebacks, but this is Shinhwa so I'm sure they'll do fine.
Sickening. Freaking sickening ok. Look at them WERK!! All that voguing. I love it. They were getting so into it!! It's very surprising given their nature, especially Eric, like he was giving me life and some of the backup dancers. I love it, the choreo is so graceful, the vogues were on point, just sickening. Thanks for the slayage!!
Scarface: Interesting lyrics, interesting title. But after "This Love" they've picked up the tone so it's become very upbeat. The song is ok, but I love it when Hyesung comes in and then the dubstep chorus or whatever. Very interesting composition. 
New Me: Mid-tempo pop/r&b I like the instrumental, very reminiscent of old Shinhwa. The song is nice, but at certain moments I don't think the instrumental fits their vocals. The song has a hopeful, sad vibe so I don't think it fits the tone, but it's a nice song!
While Laughing: Continuing with the mid-tempo vibe here, I like this song better than the other one, good too!
Mannequin: I LOVE THIS SONG!! That jazz, swing instrumental!! I FREAKING LOVE IT!! Nothing to comment on.
Hurricane: Shinhwa has really stepped up the production for this album, it's a great electronic song! I hate that it's such a drastic change from what was in the previous song, but I like this song, I love the constant change in instrumental, but that doesn't make it a hybrid. But it's great!
I Gave You: Omg it's beautiful. All I have to say.
Love Song: A nice closer song!

Overall, this was a great album, not a strong album or one of my favorites but it is really good. Like I said, at first it took me a while to like their previous album but after listening to it all the way through multiple times it grew on me. Strongest songs are definitely "This Love", "Mannequin" and "Hurricane." It is a consistent album to an extent. I don't really care for the dubstep, electro music because it sounds typical, nothing new and it portrays them as trying to stay modern and keep up with the other boy groups. Other than that, it really is a great album!!

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