Wednesday, June 12, 2013

2 Kool 4 Skool BTS Bangtan Boys Mini Album Review

A new rookie boy group to look out for. Seriously they are VERY impressive for their age group and possess extremely talented members! I had not heard of them before, they come from Big Hit Entertainment so of course they're really low key, but their teasers caused a lot of anticipation and once their debut MV dropped my TL was flooded with reactions! I finally looked them up and thought "DANG" they are awesome.
So be on the lookout for this Hip Hop Idol group, different from Big Bang and B.A.P. because it seems that they're doing actual hip hop here. Granted Big Bang started out that way then fizzled out to pop, same with B.A.P. they aren't really hip hop at all, but these boys contain the gritty, dirty south hip hop sound I'm impressed with especially since they are going the mainstream route. They most likely won't make a splash simply because of the influx of all these other boy groups but that's fine, if they keep making good music like this I don't mind them staying nugu status.
Intro 2 Kool 4 Skool ft DJ Friz: Straight hip hop here. Love. Amazing.
We Are Bulletproof pt 2: What the hell does part 1 sound like??? This is live!!! Dirty hip hop, stuff I here on the radio here!! The only problem with this song is that they took too much from mainstream hip hop artists here and it worries me that they praise black culture but don't know anything about it. Which is evident in the mixtapes and what not, but I'm gonna have to blast this in my car lol. Love it!
Skit Circle Room Talk: Just a skit of them skipping class and not wanting to go then eventually getting caught by their teacher hahaha cute.
No More Dream: This is their title song and it has an AMAZING message!!! It's a song to encourage those that don't really have a goal in life and to point out the hypocrites to stop pressuring those to go to school and show that school isn't everything in life. Great message for those in high school, especially with the suicide rate in Korea right now. As for the song itself, more gritty hip hop here, I wouldn't call it flawless because I think some things don't need to be there. The singer doesn't have a distinctive singing voice or he just doesn't have the opportunity to reveal his vocal ability because this group is filled with rappers. The composition could've been done a bit better, but it's a great catchy song you can get live to!
A nice video, showing their message fused with choreography. The rebelling students that go off to try to live a different dream and go off to dance hahaha.
Interlude: Just instrumental calms things down to reveal what the rest of the album will be like.
I Like it/Good: LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE it great r&B and we get to here more of the vocalists. They sound great!!! Love it!!
Outro Circle Room Skit: They're live hahaha. They just do a cypher hahaha, they're really talented for their ages man!!

Overall: This group realllllllllllllly fits, like I haven't felt this way about a group since Big Bang, they have really impressed me. And I can feel their vibe, like their skit and the cypher reminds me SO MUCH of what we used to do in high school, the nostalgia hahaha. They also kind of remind me of Block B because it seems like their personalities have the rebellious nature and carelesseness like they did. But that just makes them more raw. I like them. I want to see them on shows and stuff. The ONLY thing I hate which I mentioned before is how young they are and their misappropriation of black culture, they're too young to really understand hip hop. They kind of seem like a bunch of copy cats with this swag and careless attitude but then when I read the lyrics for "No More Dream" it seems that their is more to them so I hope they don't go the ratchet route. And some of the members already use the "n-word" carelessly but honestly I can't care anymore. But that's another topic for another day. Look them up, and listen to their music. Rookies this year are taking over.
Rating: 4.3/5


  1. I don't understand how saying "school isn't everything in life" is sending a good message to the youth. Do you mean that school isn't important? That doesn't seem like a good message.

  2. To anonymous above it may not make sense to say school isn't everything in life from and American point of view but in Korea these kids work as if school defines them. the suicide rate is high among teens in Korea because they kill themselves out of stress over grades.

  3. Thank you Kamila, if anonymous had read what I said, she would've got that.

  4. I've never seen such a solid debut as them! Well i've never seen a group that are all rappers, and I think they're good, add to the fact that they got the looks and they dance and do stunts, what more can you ask for? i'm impressed! - Hiyas


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