Wednesday, June 12, 2013

6th Maxi Single Album "First Love" After School Review

After School is back with another sexy concept to stay relevant in the kpop industry now that some of their best members are gone! Sorry for the shade but that's what you're gonna get for this review so if it offends you please leave now.
8 Hot Girl: This is an intro thank goodness because it's horrible. I love the English intro at the beginning buttttt who is this singing?? Their falsetto sounds horrible, they should've just had Jungah or Raina sing that. Bad.
First Love: The title song and it's like a cheap version of a reject from Sistar's works. Sorry. But it just didn't work for them. After we've gone this route with a fast version years back, I don't know why they thought it would work again 2 years later. Especially since this group is barely hanging on, you would think they would get a song that would def make them stand out from Sistar. Hell Sistar is your rival currently and their song is already an all-kill on the charts. This song is just a slower, cheaper version of "Alone". They sounded really boring instead of sexy but the choreography makes up for it.
To stay relevant, they had to come back with the gimmicks and this time they went for pole dancing. I do acknowledge pole dancing as something beautiful that requires a lot of strength and balance and their bruises def show it, but because of the stigma placed on it, I can't help but call this cheap. The set looks cheap, they could've did more with it. The highlight is the pole dancing and there are some moments in the choreography that I really liked, but it just screamed cheap to me....Not dogging pole dancing, it's beautiful I just think them having to do it to make them stand out, seems cheap and it's already going to get banned so.....They just did this for attention...
Dressing Room: Reminds me of late 80's early 90's pop music. Very Madonna and Janet Jackson esque. It's pop and sultry, I like the instrumental but they sound very boring. Nana is giving me something, but alot of them sound boring instead of sultry...But the song is nice.
Time's Up: Decent pop song, didn't do anything for me and their nasally registers.
Love Beat: I actually like this one, the 80's electro pop mixed with modern pop, very fun song.
Make Up and Tears: I was looking forward to this duet between Jungah and Raina, the only vocalists that can save the group. It's a nice ballad and their voices sound nice and soothing.

Overall: I didn't have much hope for After School nor did I really care for them once Kahi left the group. Actually my affection waned when Bekah left and when Kahi left I pretty much don't care for them. Their music and style was changing anyways so it was only a matter of time I was going to drop them completely. Now they just bore me. It's nice that they went with a concept this time after last year they didn't have one but the pole dancing...Like I said it was done for attention and they're certainly going to get it. For those that are huge fans of the group, this album should be for you, but if you're a fan of the old After School like me, then I suggest you pass on this.
Rating: 2.0/5

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  1. Ouch. This is far from this other review:

  2. what kind of F review is that??? gee!!!

  3. Yea this is my blog and if I don't like the song, I will clearly state that I don't like the song. If you want for things to be sugar coated you can go to Allkpop

  4. Fine i shall go to Allkpop at least they actually have a good taste in music ;3 Cuz seriously you are way too harsh...calm down.

  5. Still wasting time commenting...Goodbye!

    1. Bye!!!! :D Now i know why people don't read your are rude and you are too harsh.

    2. What do you mean people don't read my reviews?? Should I tell you how many people visit my blog daily?? Should I tell you my view count?? I actually like that you're still commenting on this post because YOU are reading the review.

      And I'm not rude I didn't say anything mean other people did. Don't come for me unless I send for you


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