Monday, June 10, 2013

"Give it To Me" Sistar 2nd Album Review

Sistar are back to bring some life and stir up more female competition for the summer with the slew of girl group comebacks! Can the digital queens over take Lee Hyori, CL, Shinhwa and 4Minute??? They always have and I don't see why they won't this time with their title track "Give it To Me."
Miss Sistar ft Double Sidekick and Joohun: YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS slay it Joohun and Hyorin SANGGGGGGGGGG!! This is a decent intro that pretty much consisted of Hyorin with the accompaniment of Joohun and irrelevant narration from Double Sidekick but that's fine. The vibe for this album seems to be circus, 70's disco show type theme and this intro somewhat sets the tone for what we can expect for the rest of the album. I wish there was more to it however so that it could showcase more of the members. It makes no sense to only hear Hyorin (as usual) featuring other people when this is just an intro. They should've turned it into a full song. But apart from that I like it!

Give it To Me: Now that I've listened to it again, I really like it!!Not my favorite Sistar song but I like how it doesn't sound like the typical Brave Brother's song and with that I'm glad they left Brave Brother's! I like the dramatic production of it with the piano and orchestra, but it's also upbeat and fun with the disco vibe they're going for. It's something different for the radio (not as different as Hyori but still different). Nice song and very catchy!
Very subtle, not over the top sexy but not as classy as "Alone" was. I love the choreo, I can't wait to see more of it since this is what Sistar is known for. I LOVED Shin Dong Yub's cameo, they should've actually used him for the video lol
The Way You Make Me Melt ft Geeks: Love it!! I love the mid-tempo acoustic pop/r&b instrumental, it's very typical genre for Geeks! I really wish they gave the other members more lines!! I only heard Hyorin and Geeks and the occasional Soyou!! Like come on!! I LOVE Hyorin's voice but they've been a GROUP for about 4 years now you would think the line distribution would change. But the song is good, they slowed down the vibe and switched up concepts but it still works for the album. This song could be a strong contender for a second single, they should definitely promote this!
Bad Boy: Mid-tempo but more upbeat than the previous song, more pop sounding and I like it! Very catchy and MORE SOYOU!!!! Yay!!! I'm glad they're giving others chances!! Bora kind of killed the vibe with her dead sounding rap bad production and composition on that part, but the song is still fun!
Summer Time: Yes!! A continuation of "Loving U" even though it doesn't give off the summer vibe. It's still a fun song and it's something I can jam to in the summer even if it sounds like a typical pop song.
A Week: This song can also be another contender for a follow up, it fits the summer chill vibe so well! Still upbeat but different theme. It's catchy with a hint of sadness because of the lyrics too. Nice song.

Crying: Finally a hint of a ballad, and it's lovely. Mid-tempo pop/r&b and their voices sound great!!! It's very chill, something I can just vibe to and enjoy Hyorin's voice.

Hey You: A fun upbeat pop catchy song. 

If You Want: LOVE ITTTTTTTTTT reminds me of the 90's pop Mariah Carey era, it's upbeat and fun and the composition is great!
Up and Down: A nice closer, fun and upbeat, great use of Bora's raps, love their voices, good song!

Overall: This was a good pop, fun album. Those that are huge fans of Sistar will definitely love it. A few songs I liked but nothing really IMPRESSED me which is typical of Sistar albums. "Give it To Me" is probably my favorite song out of everything else but I probably wouldn't put it on my ipod. I was hoping for the rest of the album to be similar to the vibe of  "Give it To Me" but it didn't. This is just a well put together pop album, nothing spectacular. I would like to praise the line distribution because Soyou makes her presence made in this album but Dasom will forever stay in the shadows I guess. Bora hasn't improved in her rapping skill but there are a few songs that do cater to her dead voice. Other than that this album isn't bad! I wouldn't say it's flawless, but it's not bad or mediocre either. However, I do think they should've made this a mini album instead of a full and INSTEAD turned "Alone" into a full album because THAT was flawless. But oh well. If you're a fan of Sistar you'll love it and if you want some decent pop music to jam to you'll love it as well. 
Rating: 3.0/5
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