Friday, June 14, 2013

Let Me Make Myself Clear

This is MY blog. I post reviews on MY opinion...not yours. If a song sounds like trash, I'm gonna mention that it sounds like trash. If I think something or someone in a music video looks cheap, I'm gonna state that it looks cheap. BUT, if I like the song I will also state that I like it.

There are a few artists that I am biased towards and yet that may show sometimes. But I try to balance it out. I am not Allkpop or Soompi or any other website that reports Korean news. I am simply a blogger who states her opinion.

If you don't like my review, don't leave a comment. Also PLEASE READ things before you comment displaying your stupidity. You sound stupid when you reiterate something I have already said but you fail to notice.

I do not mind you disagreeing with me, you are more than welcome to, I like outside thoughts that's why I opened the comments section to everyone. But if you disagree with me on something stupid, I will delete it.

So take this into consideration. If not, get off my blog and go to Allkpop where they feed on that crap.

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