Monday, June 3, 2013

"Sexy Beat" MBLAQ Mini Album Review

MBLAQ IS BACKKKKKKKKKKKK!!! With the production of Primary and Zion T and others, I was very much anticipating their comeback and it's finally here!!! And it doesn't disappoint!!
Sexy Beat (Intro): Is this a Timbaland production??? I thought I was accidentally linked to a Justin Timberlake album!! LOVEEEEEE ITTT! Very sexy indeed!! That should've been longer!!!
Smoky Girl: This is the title song and it's not bad at all!! It's a very different vibe from what they're used to but I like it. It didn't do anything special for me so it won't be on my ipod, but I say that about ALL of their title songs lol. Somehow, they do end up on my ipod even if I don't like it. But the song isn't bad at all! IS this the Zion T/Primary production???
The video is basic but I love the black and white then the transition to color even though there's nothing new about that. That's been done before, redundant. I LOVE THE CHOREOGRAPHY! I just wish they played up more of the sexy, that's it.
(Mir...that ninja why?)
R U Ok? Now I can tell that this was Primary!! It has that typical Primary synthesizers old school r&b vibe to it! Great song!!!
Celebrate: We slow it down a bit more here for this song, a ballady r&b/pop song. I can just listen to G.O.'s voice all night long. The only complaint I have is Mir's random rap lines sometimes, I feel like they just  place him in there just to place him right after the bridge or something. They need to fix that but other than that the song is really good!!
Pretty Girl: Great upbeat, pop song!! I love it!! More use of the synthesizers which I think is Primary again, but this is a great song!! Love Mir's raps!! Thunder fits in well with this song too with his rapping!!
Dress Up: Love. 70's funk, pop song, great!!

This is a good album which I knew it would be!! I'm kind of glad that Rain removed himself from their production because their songs have been great without him, they don't have that typical pop sound like he gave them when they first debuted (not saying it was bad). They definitely improved but I still hate the line distribution but they've gotten better. G.O. is perfect, Seungho is sexy, Joon is great, Mir is SEXAYYYYYYYY when he raps, but his personality just throws it off for me hahaa. If I didn't know who he was I would immediately throw my dowry at him like that voice is SEXAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY but in reality it's like I'm dealing with a little kid and I would think he was the maknae haha. My main complaint is Thunder's lines. There are moments when his voice works and then there are moments when it's really awkward and they should just have him rap. I love him, but his voice doesn't fit or compliment the group at all times. Even with Dara she has improved to where we do need her voice in 2ne1 but Thunder's voice hasn't meshed yet completely. I think he's great for harmony and raps but that's it.
Other than that GREAT ALBUM!!

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