Thursday, June 6, 2013

"Trap" Henry 1st Mini Album Review

YASSSSSSSSSS!! One of SM's most talented male artist who is highly underrated finally has a chance to shine outside of SJM. I'm glad SM looked upon him to give him this opportunity because I was afraid his talents would go to waste. Unfortunately he may not make too much of a splash in this industry and there wasn't much hype for him, but this album is good enough on it's own. No need for mainstream!!
Trap ft Kyuhyun of Super Junior and Taemin of Shinee: Honestly, Kyu and Taemin weren't needed. I can't really tell the difference once Taemin started singing, but Kyuhyun only provided harmony during the chorus. I was expecting actual verses. It made no sense to put multiple singers on a upbeat pop song unless Henry was going to rap...I think SM did that so that it would create more attention, especially since they will accompany him on the stages. Anyways, the song is good. Mid-tempo, sad but it's catchy. I particularly liked the piano and the violin or orchestral background he put. I know that he did it so I praise the versatility in terms of production. It's good but not AMAZING...
After seeing the video, I like the song more and more! I still stick by with what I said about there being NO use to Kyu and Taemin. They didn't bring a different color to the song, if Tae had rapped and Kyu sang more in his typical register I think it would've been better. But the song is really redundant...And the MV is typical SM, very cheap as most SM videos tend to look like. I like the choreo. OH! And when Kyu showed up in that all black outift I FELT his presence, his aura his charisma just oozing out and I LOVE that he's stepping up more with choreography! Tae does great as usual.
1-4-3(I Love You): Upbeat pop song, very catchy haha. I like the use of him putting the numbers into the lyrics because not too many people can make it work. Fun song! Love his rap haha!
My Everything: Slow it down to a more softer sound, acoustic and r&b/pop. His songs sound very westernized so they're good, but they don't give me the WOW factor since everyone is starting to sound the same. But it's a decent song!!
Ready 2 Love: I love the english lyrics he included in here, I mean English is his native language, but the lyrics are really good here because they flow well! This song is pop and more upbeat, it's really fun and catchy!
Holiday: A fun upbeat rocking pop song I can jam to whenever school gets out for summer haha.
I Would: Finally the use of that piano!! A ballad!! And it's all in English!!! Good song!!

Overall: This album wasn't bad at all. Just wasn't amazing. With his talents in using so many instruments, I was expecting to put them to use in ALL the songs, not just in "Trap." He stuck too much with the basic pop songs that doesn't set him apart at all. I wonder why SM decided to make him debut so randomly??? With EXO coming back isn't that enough?? There was no hype for him at all. Just randomly a mysterious picture and then "Oh it's just Henry..." I mean I like him ALOT, I was just let down in terms of production. We didn't get that much exploration in his voice, I know he can sing well, but everything was king of mediocre. Nothing on this album set him apart from other artists. "Trap" is probably the best song off this album so I understand why it was chosen as the title song but it doesn't stand out against Lee Hyori, CL, Shinhwa and the others in the top that are currently promoting...
BUT I'm glad that he finally gets a chance to shine!!!

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