Thursday, July 11, 2013

"A Doll House" 2nd Mini Album Ailee Review

My queen is back to remove more edges with her vocals and let me tell you...she did JUST that.

U&I: The second she started with that vocal slayage, I knew the rest of the song was going to give me life. SLAYED. AS USUAL. I don't have a complaint or flaw. Perfect. She is serving us with 60's old school instrumentals with a modern pop vibe to it. Very catchy and the vocals, those VOCALS. And when she said "I'm tired of ALL your lies and excuses so just GET OUT MA FACE" I swear I fell out my chair. SERVE IT. I love it!!
Love the choreography, she's killing, I love the use of the band and everything just FABULOUS HONEY.
No No No: I was hoping that she would continue with the vibe in the title song, but it changes to more pop but I still like it alot. I wish her lower register was as strong as her upper register, but she still makes it sound easy. I don't think this song flowed consistently from what we were given in the first track, it could've been used later, but I still like it alot!!

Rainy Day: It bit softer but more pop here, westernized, it's something I could hear on the radio, however I don't like the composition of it. Since it's a softer more mellow song she should've opened up with the first verse since she's using her lower register there, then with the hook leading to the chorus that could've been used after that instead of the other way around. I think they could've brought her register down because it just seems like she's yelling at us that it's a rainy day. But her vocals are great and I love the bridge too.

이런 법이 어딨어: Her vocals sound great here, I can feel the emotion in it, it's a great mid-tempo ballad to clearly showcase her voice great song!
열애설: Perfect. Flawless. No complaint. Great lyrics, great instrumental, great composition, perfect voice and portrayal. LOVE IT. It just might be my favorite song by her now....

I'll Be Ok: A fun closer, upbeat and catchy pop song!

Overall Thoughts: This was a good album, as to be expected since Ailee always delivers and Aliens should definitely love it too. I highly recommend "Relationship Rumors" and "U&I" personally because they're so different and refreshing, but every song off this album is really good!! Love love LOVE AILEE.
Rating: 4.3/5

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