Monday, July 29, 2013

"Black Box" 5th Brown Eyed Girls Album Review

YASSSSSSSSSSSSS, the female groups that'll serve you realness, sexy, vocals, raps, dance crazes, BROWN EYED GIRLS (who are not idols, they're better than idols) are back!!!! After 2 years from releasing "Sixth Sense" which is an incredible mini album, BEG are back with actual promotions! All of their albums are good, so I'm sure that this album will be no exception!!
After Club: Fun and groovy with a simple rhythm and melody which makes it catchy. It gives a sort of 70's disco vibe to it. I love when Miryo starts rapping, that composition is awesome! I love the bass, the band feel and I feel like this song would sound amazing with an actual live band. And as always, Narsha, Ga-in and JeA sound amazing vocally, nothing less than amazing. Fun song. A good way to open the album.
Before Sunset: I'm so glad we're getting a continuation of the old school r&b!! The instrumental is amazing. I love the electric piano and the bass working together, I love it. It's fun and upbeat, but that instrumental is killing it whenever the song picks up! And their vocals are on point too!! I LOVE THIS ALBUMMMM. I want to hear this live with a band!!
Kill Bill: After listening to it a 3rd time, I like it more and more even though it sounds like a typical pop song to me. I like the Western sound and the whistle similar to the popular refrain from the movie "Kill Bill" but I still think the song is basic. I love the lyrics and kudos to JeA of course for that. I just think the instrumental could've been a bit stronger...But it's still a good catchy song, I don't think it'll be a runaway hit of course but I'm sure it'll do well on the charts.
Love the sexy choreography!! Love the little homage to the movie even though it's an alternative ending hahahaha. It's funny! But I knew they would change the plot because you know COPYRIGHT haha. But I love the video.
Boy: LOVE. Flawless. Very sexy, love the jazz r&b feel.
Satisfaction: Love the laid back reggae rhythm to it, then it picks up during the chorus. Good song!! I love how it changes genres and ugh perfection. Miryo's rap is AMAZING.
Mystery Survivor: Interesting title, but the song is good! We return back to the pop side of BEG which they also pull off flawlessly. 
Lie: Back to the funk r&b vibe we had and it's amazing. I love it, composition, production, vocals, Miryo everything haha.

Recipe: Pre-released AND OF COURSE I LOVED IT. Love love love love. Sounds like a Primary production...did he have anything to do with it? Doesn't matter it's amazing...LOVE IT.
Good Fellas: I'm surprised that they put the ballad all the way at the end since they are a ballad group but that' ok. Beautiful lyrics and sad! Great way to close the album even though it is the only ballad...

Overall: Put this on the list of one of the great BEG albums...but all of their albums are really good, it's getting hard to place an actual order...But this is a great album! Now contender on my list of one of the greatest for the year so far. Production, composition, concept, it's all good. BEG return to their r&b roots but get rid of their ballads to keep a consistent album. I do like that they switched it up and offered us with their ability to do good pop songs but I preferred the r&b. "Kill Bill" is the weakest song to me but it's not a bad song either..."Recipe" might be my favorite but other songs are really good too. My only negatives about this album would be the random pop songs but it doesn't deter from the whole vibe of the album. Great album, everyone listen to it, you won't be can never go wrong with BEG!!!
Rating: 4.8/5

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