Tuesday, July 16, 2013

'Destiny' Infinite Single Album Review

The boys are back, this time with a more manlier image than what we first saw at the beginning of the year with "Man in Love." Unfortunately, that album was lackluster to me so I'm sure the boys will deliver their classic 80's pop this time with sickening choreography.
Destiny: Their lead single obviously, and it's a turn in a different direction musically from what they've been giving us since their debut. 2013 seems to be the year of change for Infinite and I'm not sure if I'm down for it or what. This song is very dramatic which I like, I could do without the little samples of dubstep because I think it ruins the mood for me, and at times it works. The composition for the vocals and lyrics are perfect though. PERFECT. They flow so well, weaving in and out with the singing and raps too. This song will have to grow on me, but I do think it's good. I feel like this is the darker version of "The Chaser" so I can chill with it. It is catchy, but there's so many sounds going on I kind of get lost in the song. I would rather focus on the vocals and some of the instrumental instead of the dubstep, electronic music infused with the orchestra. It's a bit too much, but the song isn't bad at all!
This music video is very interesting....I'm still trying to grasp the concept, I think I somewhat get it, but not fully. For starters, they could've removed the dancing altogther, it takes away from the meaning of the music video. Now for an explanation of the video, here we go, it's long:
First, we see Dongwoo driving away, I presume he's leaving the town which is our main setting. He's the only member we see actually leaving the town, which means something went down and he was the only one to survive and get out alive. Which is true.
Hoya is seen having headaches or going crazy whatever in a chair, deserted in a warehouse somewhere.
Sungyeol is walking around in the town alone.
L is walking through an alley sort of having a heart attack because he is seen clutching his heart before falling down
Sungjong, which is the most interesting to me and probably providing the most clues, comes out of a building and sees himself. Super odd.
Woohyun is also out in the sun, walking around like Sungyeol and starts having a breakdown,same with Sungyyu
All of a sudden, L falls on the ground, Sungjong's clone disappears, Hoya bursts into flames lmao, Woohyun (I think that's him) starts running and destroying the town it seems, L too disappears, and Sungyeol's hand bursts into flames.
And then it ends with Dongwoo driving away
Very interesting, I know alot of people are confused, but this is the B version of the music video. The A version is a Drama version with a plane crash, 30 minutes long but they postponed it to respect the victims of the Asiana plane crash. So I think we might be able to put the clues together once we see the drama version. Ugh. I actually think it works like this. Having us confused, then trying to figure things out ourselves.
So with Sungjong's clone disappearing and the others either bursting into flames or disappearing illustrates them as fakes or as something bad altogther. With Dongwoo escaping I guess he was able to avoid everything in that town. 
We need the other version hahaha.
But it was a great video, they just needed to remove the dancing.
Inception: I like this song alot, a little r&b pop. The instrumental is AMAZING, I love it and their voices are great too!
I'm Going to You: I was expecting a slow ballad given the title, but it's more mid-tempo and somewhat fun, but still giving off the sad vibe. Good song!
Mom: Awwwwwwwwwwww this is sweet, a beautiful ballad.

Overall: I don't think turning this into a mini album was necessary. I'm ready for another full album, filled with songs like "The Chaser", "60 Seconds" and some of their ballads and Infinite H and units. Granted, the concept for "Destiny" and "Inception" fit together, but they don't flow well with this album. I would've been fine with only "Destiny" and "Inception" then save the rest for a full album. The song "Destiny" is interesting, but I'm more invested in the music video than anything. Oh and the choreography for "Destiny" is ridiculously amazing and synchronized, they kill me with how well they MATCH each other it's crazy.
But other than that, I'm sure us Inspirits will enjoy this album no matter what, I'm still waiting on something as epically made as 'The Chaser' was but this is still a good album!
Rating: 4.0/5

ps Destiny is growing on me hahahaha

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