Sunday, July 7, 2013

Falling in Love 2ne1 Review

2ne1 is back!!!!!! Their summer single "Falling in Love" has been released to jumpstart their comeback album which will be released sometime in October according to Papa YG.
The song is great, I love it, very fun and I will give my review for the music video!!
The Song: I was anticipating this reggae 2ne1 since they've done reggae pretty will in the past, I believe in Teddy when it comes to ethnic sounds and he did not disappoint. And sure enough he delivered.
The beginning of the song is the intro 2ne1 used for their comeback last year for "I Love You" so I immediately noticed that and felt slightly disappointed. But then I realized that I WANTED to hear the rest of that intro they used because of how dope it was and we got it, a year later!!
The song STARTS OFF WITH MINZY!! I don't think there has ever been a title song that Minzy started off with and she sounds amazing and sultry and slow. Then it transitions to CL rapping fiercely and she delivered what she should've gave in her "Bad Girl" single. Next is the chorus with Bom and it transitions to a touch of reggae then it goes back to the 2nd verse with Minzy's AMAZING alto voice for the reggae. PERFECT. And CL's rap in the 2nd verse is AMAZING where the hell was this on her single??
Can I reiterate how much I love the reggae here?? Dara gave the perfect vibe, although I could without the auto-tune for her voice because her voice is already kind of robotic, so it wasn't needed, but it was nice.
Overall...LOVEEEE. It's slowly becoming addicting, I didn't love it at first but now I do. Fun song, nothing extremely special about this but it does offer something different from the redundant mess in kpop currently. Thank you YG for ALWAYS rising above.
The Video: Minzy. Sis. Slayed for Zeus. That pink wig is EVERYTHING. Sitting on that gold throne is EVERYTHING. Sis. You took me to heaven. Thank you for providing the slayage that was missing in this video. It's your time to shine hun and you have definitely done it here. CL, love you too you look really pretty, I loved Dara's blond hair when it was down, she looked like a goddess, but other than that I hate the blonde hair on her. And Bom...unfortunately the plastic surgery face shown more than you did....But you tried, you were cute haha.
The video was kind of lack luster, nothing amazing, but since we are expecting more from 2ne1 each month I'm sure we will be getting something that is the lead single like how their previous album comebacks were.
Switching the scenes was a bit too much, I loved the gold palace theme, and I guess you could keep the girls checking out the guys, but the beach backdrop and everything else wasn't needed. Since it's summer time and people associate reggae with islands they just threw that backdrop in there but was totally unnecessary.
The Dance: Love it. Nothing more to say. Not overly fierce, not overly cute, simple and fun, nothing much to it. So love.

I am impressed with the song, I'm definitely adding it to my ipod as I type and I think you should too. Great and fun song, hopefully YG will fufill his promises and give us something more next month!
Rating: 4.7/5

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