Thursday, July 18, 2013

"Hard to Love, How to Love" 2nd B2st Album Review

For starters, that album cover looks AMAZING. B2st have returned with their 2nd full length album "Hard to Love, How to Love" and their title track "Shadow." They're coming back with a dark look compared to last year's mini album and I hope that the album delivers their concept well!
Intro: Nice intro with the instrumental, but then Junghyung came in and decided to rap entirely in English which is somewhat acceptable, but not necessary. But it's nice that he turned it into his Thank Yous normally put at the end of the CD hahaha. But it's a nice intro without the rap, I'm not sure if it's going to set the tone for the album though.
Shadow: This is the title song...and honestly I think it's kind of weak in certain areas. The chorus is good and catchy, the repetition of "shadow" actually illustrates a shadow...get it haha. But everything else kind of bores me...I'm not getting anything, BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN IT'S A BAD SONG. It is a good song! I just don't like it that much. I do like the part when Junghyun raps towards the end, but no one really stands out to me. I feel like this song needed the music video to compliment it, which it does.
The video is REALLY COOL!!!! Visually it's stunning, I love the dancers, the concept of her shadow overtaking the lead girl, the typical haunted house gimmicks, it was really cool! And I LOVE the camera, the double-sided effect actually contributes to the video so kudos to that. Butttt in the back of my head, I'm sorry I had to mention it, the video reminded me alot of Big Bang's "Monster" only this version is more gimmicky and typical. But I still like the video!!!
How To Love: This song is obviously softer than the others, the lyrics are sweet too and everyone keeps guessing that this song is about Goo Hara since Junghyung wrote the lyrics. Perhaps. But the song is cute.
Be Alright: Also seems to be dedicated to Hara hahaha. The lyrics are interesting but this song is overall giving off the B2st vibe which I've been missing from the past couple of years so kudos to Jungyhung and his team for bringing their sound back.
I'm Sorry: An alternate version to "Caffeine" haha, these songs are eerily similar, which is fine because I love "Caffeine!" The composition is similar but the chorus changes, but once it's back to the verses, it sounds ALOT like "Caffeine." Since "Caffeine" was good this song is good too, even if you haven't heard of Yoseob's solo stuff, I enjoy it.
Will You Be Alright?: They released this song earlier so there's nothing new to this if you've already heard it. But it's a nice mid-tempo song that doesn't have Junghyung has the main in this song as it's been for half the album.
You're Bad: This whole album is definitely dedicated to Junghyung's past relationships, which works, given the title of the song, but every song is starting to sound the same to me. It's not bad, but it's not giving me anything new either. 
Encore: Finally an upbeat song!! It's nice and catchy!

Overall: Positives: Everything flows consistently. Each song fits perfect, I had no problem transitioning, the lyrics were the same, the instrumentals and vibes were the same, nothing wrong there. This album showcased Junghyung's writing skills and gave himself the spotlight since this album is clearly about his past breakup with Kara's Goo Hara. At first I didn't want to believe it, but it's clear this album is about her. You can't fight me. But those were the positives. Negatives: The first half of the album is Junghyung focused, meaning he got the majority of the lines and the other members I could barely distinguish except for Yoseob. The other half of the album, he stepped back and let the other members shine. Vocally there was nothing new, like on the last album where I distinctly remember the spotlight being on Hyungseung. So vocally I got nothing....And I got bored. I'm sorry.
B2st do ballads REALLY well, I LOVE "Fiction" so I was hoping I would get something musically different from them...and I didn't. Nothing new. They have definitely matured thought but that's it.
Beauties will definitely love it since you've waited a year for their comeback, I however will sit this comeback out, but it's STILL A GOOD ALBUM. Very consistent.

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