Monday, July 15, 2013

"Incredible" 2nd Junsu Album Review

The incredibly talented Xia Junsu is back with his second full length album!! After giving his "Tarantallegra" last year which topped numerous charts and I actually got to dance to at a Korean festival, Junsu returns with "Incredible"
No Reason: The beginning alone sounds like it could just be an intro, but then the hi-hat and the drums come in giving us dirty south r&b. And his sultryyyyyyyyyyy sexy low voice comes in and it's AMAZING. Perfect. I found myself beefing it up haha. I like it alot!! But in a way, I kind of wish it was an intro, because it just seems so odd placing a mid-tempo song like this that's repetitive throughout to be placed at the beginning of the album. But that's fine. It could just be the intro even though it's 3 minutes long haha.

Rainy Eyes: At first I felt like it would be like a typical ballad because of the way it opened up with the piano, but following that is this r&b intro and the trumpets start playing and Junsu SANGSSSSS. He SANGGG. He was giving us real r&b the way he pronounced and stressed the notes. It felt like I was listening to someone sing in church haha. And just when you think he reaches a climax, he brings it back down to a soft whisper. Great song. I love how jazzy it is, he really portrayed jazz and r&b with this. 
Sorry: It's really interesting how he's starting the album off with ballads and mid-tempo songs instead of immediately sending is to upbeat, electronic music, so I can only assume that the latter half of the album will be off the chain. This song reminds me of a soundtrack for a drama....but all of his ballads remind me of that hahaha. It's a compliment. His voice is so amazing and versatile, and in between the verses he sounds so soft, like a lullaby, very soothing. Great song!

Chocolate Girl: I'm just gonna take this as a ode to us black girls haha. Anyway, love it. The minute it started. It's very jazzy and soothing, I can just jam to it and enjoy his voice. Very catchy melody. I'm loving the use of the instruments in the background, it sounds like an actual band instead of someone simply using a keyboard. Great production and composition!

Incredible ft Quincy: At first I only noticed Quincy, as in Diddy's fine son Quincy. How the HELL did he get a song with Quincy?!!!!!!! Anyway, this song is too...westernized for me. It's not bad, but it's not bringing me anything Junsu. Like the producers just gave him a typical song, same with the lyrics. It's basic. I'm not bashing the's just meh to me. "Tarantallegra" was epic and I knew it had something to do with Junsu, but this song just doesn't fit him. And Quincy didn't provide anything haha. He wasn't all. But it's decent and catchy, just not for me. I don't need the random timpanis banging in the background for a pop song. But his vocals are amazing.
video will be uploaded later
I Must Confess ft Gilme: The beginning is so cute!!!! And it's featuring Gilme, she's perfect in every way. I love how the key switches from what we were introduced at the beginning of the song, then it switches back. I like that, it kept me around to listen to the whole song. I love the background vocals and not to mention Gilme. Love.
Don't Go: I like the random crescendos and how it aggressively cuts. I like the chorus alot, great ballad and he sounds amazing of course.
Turn it Up ft Dok2: AYYEEEEEEEEEEEEE I knew I would be twerking the minute I saw who was featuring. My only complaint is how low they sound. Like I can't hear them....Who edited this? I guess they forgot to actually "turn them up" haha. But then again maybe that's the point. Ha. Anyways, I like it, I can twerk to it I just wish the quality wasn't so amateurish.
Fantasy: A completely different direction from what just came before this hahahaha. But the song is cute, upbeat pop and r&b. It's cute and the lyrics are a bit....ridiculous at points, but it's cute.
Fuck this Song with narrations by Boom: .....That is really the name and it's....LMAOOOOOO I'm gonna go with it being intentionally funny and bad. HAHAHA. It's ridiculous, I need the lyrics man it's hilarious. But...lmaoooooo I can't get past this foolishness.
사랑하나 봐: This is a cute song, midtempo, once again, completely different from what we just heard a second ago hahahahahhahaha. COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. But it's a nice song, cute.
11 O'clock/11am: This was a ballad song he released a couple weeks ago. Great song and it's beautiful, his voice sounds amazing, I can FEEL the emotion. Love.

Overall: This is a good follow up album, even though they give off completely different vibes. Great production team, the composers are great, sometimes the lyrics seemed a bit ridiculous, but overall it was a good album. Better than what I've gotten from most this year. I do have a few problems and I do mean a FEW, nothing too bad. The album was a little all over the place and it didn't flow well. If you know me and have read my previous reviews, I hate inconsistency. It's fine that you want to explore many genres, but if it doesn't flow correctly it throws yours listeners off. The first half of the album flowed flawlessly, it was perfect. We had jazz and r&b, then "Incredible" came on, trying to signal a change in vibe of the album. But once we got to "Turn it Up" I got completely turned off. The song is good, I just wasn't expecting to twerk after a beautiful ballad. And then right after that we go back to pop and then we're given "Fuck This Song" which completely lost me....and then back to cutesy. The songs are fine, I just think that the editors and producers should've put more effort into transitions. And lyrics haha.
But other than that, it was a great album. I'm sure the Cassies and the JYJs will love it, I am definitely putting a few songs on my ipod. I enjoyed his successful attempt at jazz, he's got a great band. Good album!
Rating: 4.5/5

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