Monday, July 22, 2013

Kim Hyun Joong "Round 3" Mini Album Review

Yes lawd, for all that is GOOD in this world, thank you for giving us this fine specimen of a man.
Anyways, Kim Hyun Joong is back with his Korean album after spending too damn long in Japan. "Break Down" "Lucky Guy" are STILL the jam hahaha. This time he's back with a more urban sound and I'm 100% here for it...even though he can't sing lmao. I'm sorry, had to say it, but I STILL love his music.

Unbreakable ft Jay Park: I really hate it when he sings out of his register, because he can only handle so much. When he tries to rap high and sound HARD, he comes off as a little kid, he's very nasally. There are moments where his vocals are good enough, and then there are moments where I question...why is he a singer? I LOVE HIM don't get me wrong, but everyone knows his vocal ability is extremely limited...
The instrumental for his is very dark and sinister, gritty, chorus is catchy, Jay Park is a plus I enjoyed him, I just needed him to lower his pitch, that's why "Breakdown" worked so well. But this song is decent!
GLORAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY HE IS FINE AS HELL!! Apart from that the music video is AWESOMEEE. I love the choreo, I love the darkness, I love the dancers and martial artists, it was REALLY cool!!!
Your Story ft Dok2: This is a cute mid-tempo song. Very pop and westernized, definitely similar to songs I hear on the radio here in America but that's ok. Again he's straining in the upper register, but he never distracts from the actual song. It's decent. Dok2 is a nice touch too.
Like Before: R&b ballad, reminds me of the early 00's with this style hahahaha. He pulls it off well, great song!! 
Gentleman: I liked how it was at first, I could do without the cutesy chorus, but I really liked how the instrumental was during the verses and at the beginning. Very hip-hop and urban, and that drum was good too. But everything else is nice, I could do without the auto-tune on his voice too, but he only uses it.
I'm Yours: More upbeat but still mid-tempo. It's a catchy pop song, cute!
Let's Party: Upbeat and pop. Fun song!

Kim Hyun Joong always has a great production team for his albums. Sometimes his songs are hit or miss though, mainly because of his voice. Sometimes he makes a genius song, and then sometimes it just sounds like a tragedy. So I will continue to stick around for him because occasionally he really does come out with something AMAZING. This album is nice, I just wish vocally he got better. He's been doing music for TOO LONG and he still sounds like that. I know he's a dancer, but you would think he would progress?? But that's ok. Like I said sometimes his voice fits, and sometimes it ruins the song all together. But I still love you 4D Leada!!!!
Rating: 4.1/5


  1. I really dont agree with the 'bad voice ' comments. He improved, a lot. Hes not the best singer but he is far from being the worst. A good singer isnt just one who can hit high notes and such, but one who can convey a songs lyrics and music through the voice that he has and who is able to draw in listeners, and he does both perfectly. Most have it so in their head that he has a bad voice that they no longer really listen and just go with their biased thoughts. Had his voice sounded bad in any of these songs im pretty sure the company wouldn't have included them for he would have faced harsh criticism and most likely failure, which would have also have impacted the company(& not in a positive way). The songs were chosen for his voice and I believe they were perfect for him. He doesn't have the best voice, but he is also no longer a below average or average singer, and in this album I believed he showed that perfectly :)

    1. This is a great argument however it's flawed. He has no emotion when he strains his voice (for example in Unbreakable and Love Ya). For that he needs more improvement because it doesn't sound good at all. I can't get hyped up in Unbreakable despite the powerful instrumental because of his voice. Now this review is just my opinion maybe you who is biased can look past his faults but I can't do so.

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