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"Pink Tape" 2nd f(x) Album Review

f(x) are back with their 2nd album "Pink Tape" building up much anticipation. Earlier this week, they released their single "Rum, Pum, Pum" which either disappointed or satisfied their fans but now the album is out, hopefully to continue with their streak of good consecutive full albums.
Rum Pum Pum Pum: I stand by my decision earlier in writing off this song...It's...mediocre. The instrumental and background vocals are really good, but the lyrics and the composition is...slightly boring. The half talking half singing monotone foolishness typical in SM is rampant once again. Most f(x) songs make me want to dance and this song does not do anything. Very mediocre. And it's not catchy. But I really like the instrumental. It had potential, but then it fell apart. I definitely would not have made this the title song but there's a reason for that. But the production of this is fantastic, just the composition and some of the vocals are either a hit or miss...
Typical SM style. Nothing much, dancing in oddly lit rooms. No story line or anything. And with those amazing teasers I was expecting something amazing for this comeback...but I was let down and got nothing. Dance is ok. Not memorable.
Shadow: I really like this song! Their lazy and relaxed singing style fits here with this r&b vibe. It's like we've been transported into a weird dimension and their mysterious sultry voices are pulling us in. Good song!!!
Pretty Girl: No. This is very reminiscent of that foolishness they pulled with "My Gangsta". I could do without the ratchet trap instrumental we have at the beginning, then at the chorus it changes to something completely different, all pop and what not. Horrible composition and transitions. But it is catchy. I just don't need this song at all. Pass.
Kick: Completely different from what we previously heard, but it's still a hot mess of noise. There's too much going on in this song. It started off decent then as it progressed, it just sounded like a bad electronic experiment gone wrong. And again with the MONOTONE, it's horrible. SM YOU DON'T HAVE TO USE MONOTONE VOCALS FOR ELECTRONIC SOUNDS PLEASEEEE. But the song is catchy, everything else is too much.
Signal: Very disco-esque. I like it alot, it's soothing, doesn't have all those noises, it's a nice pop song. Lyrics are questionable, and so are some other parts, but the song is fun and catchy.
Step: Very interesting...We have this random buzz in the background and a electronic saxophone as the song builds up, with a beat's really good actually. Weird but good. The composition and production is perfect here, the song is original, the beat is fun, it builds up to a catchy chorus it's great!!
Goodbye Summer (Amber, Luna, Krystal) ft DO of Exo: Finally a ballad! It's mid-tempo cuteness!! D.O and Luna's harmonies are everything!! Amber's random raps ruin it for me almost 70% of the time because it never flows well. It would've been better if she had used her voice to sound more sorrowful, there was no feeling in her rap, or at least it didn't transition well from hearing the beautiful Luna and D.O....Krystal's voice isn't too bad here either, but it should've just stayed a Luna and D.O. duet to be honest. Amber's random rap was completely unnecessary. I take it Amber is playing the guitar that's why she's included in it...or composed it or something. Good for her.
Airplane: We've had jet...and now we have "Airplane" hahaha. But the song is almost perfect. Almost...And Amber's voice works GREAT HERE. She should sing more!!!!! Her alto works great in the group!! But the song is very Westernized so it could get tons of air play here which is a plus. I love the "" that was flawlessly produced kudos to the producer for this song!
Toy: Tooooo cheesy for my tastes. I could do without it. Feels like I'm listening to a bunch of 14 year olds...It's fun and upbeat and Amber's singing voice is perfect, the climax break is amazing....kudos to the producer again for that. 
No More: SM....for the win at taking another song....It's Ariana Grande's "Boyfriend Material"...that's fine. It's no surprise. Don't care for the song. It's cute and refreshing...but it's not their I can't really review it since it's a cover....
Snapshot: Very witty and fun. I love the beginning and the beautiful transition to pop and how it calmly goes back to the show music hahaha. Very good.
Ending Page: A great way to end the album! Mid-tempo ballad. The instrumental is really good! And Amber's voice has great emotion here!! I just wish she used it for her raps!!! But it's a good song...

Overall: I feel like I was just taken on a ride...into a weird world...and now I've been placed back on earth...weird. That's a good way to describe this album. 180 degree turn from what we're used to with f(x). EXPERIMENT is the theme for this album and it is most certainly ALL OVER THE PLACE. We've got pop, electro, house, r&b, acoustic...almost every genre!! Unfortunately this album has not served me any purpose. I applaud how different some of the sounds are!! Very original and unique!! But then some songs are so all over the place it becomes incoherent and inconsistent. But somehow everything flowed well...
Positives: New genres, mix, great instrumentals, some songs produced flawless...and originality
Negatives: Monotone, no change in rhythm or melody in some songs, boring or lazy, no emotion in some songs.
I do like a few songs, there are some I'm definitely willing to put on my ipod...But it just seems like "Rum Pum Pum Pum" is the best promote with at least...
So f(x) might like it...I've seen some mixed reviews. Some people like a few songs but not the whole album altogther which I would side with those people on. This album IN MY OPINION was not as good as their "Electric Shock" EP but the instrumentals are the best off this album...plenty of potential but they just fell short.
Rating: 3.0/5

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