Tuesday, August 6, 2013

"BADMAN" BAP Mini Album Review

Oh my gosh...please no more...I LOVE B.A.P. but seriously, they come out with something every 2 months, it's too overwhelming. I get it, they want to be taken seriously, they don't want to be seen as rookies, and they want to win awards on music shows. Got it. BUT STOP. Has their CEO ever considered giving them a break?? To GROW?? Let them improve and live life and rest for a year, then come back and release as many albums needed.
Whut's Poppin: A part from that ridiculous spelling, this intro is good. I can tell that this album will actually be Hip Hop infused instead of the pop/hip-hop they were doing up to this point.
BadMan: This is the best song BAP has ever done. I'm serious. It is almost perfect in every way, like 70% perfection haha. For starters I love the beginning, I love how we interweave between the singers and Yongguk because ALL of their songs start typically with Yongguk followed by Zelo and we get a typical chorus. Not this song. After we get the chorus, Yongguk says "Peace" and we change to trap music for Zelo's raps and it is amazing. Then it transitions back to the classic hip-hop vibe. The chorus doesn't really do anything for me because it sounds like just about every BAP song ever, that's why this song loses points with me. But I just live the switch up with the trap/electronic/dubstep instrumental. Instead of getting a bridge, we just get that. I wish we had more use for Daehyun's voice instead of only using him for high notes haha. It's like the producers never know where to place him. But vocally they all sound great, the raps are great, the lyrics are great. Great song, best BAP has EVER come out with. Period. Fight me.
And this is also the best music video BAP has ever done haha. They shot it in Detroit, which is PERFECT (city is bankrupt which explains all the abandoned buildings and the riots) great scenery. I don't necessarily know what the video is about, but I think it essentially captures what's going on in Detroit (minus the riots I haven't heard of any that are currently going on) and the music video doesn't really connect with the lyrics. But I think it works too. It's kind of showing how instead of fighting and robbing folks and what not, stop the foolishness. And the lyrics are similar. So I loved the cinematography, the choreo, the outfits, the riots, Detroit everything. Nice work BAP!!
Excuse Me: Ok the chorus is realllllly good. This song is also kind of showing how they're good in kpop, back off, things like that, still pointing out society. It's a good song! I love the drums, reminds me of a theme song for battle, and the trumpets, it's really good.
Coffee Shop: This was released earlier in the summer and it's beautiful. A great mid-tempo ballad. Very mellow and calm and jazzy, similar to that of a coffee shop, the instrumental is great!!!
I thought the video was really cute haha. Nothing much just them walking around and they all meet up at the coffee shop.
Bow Wow: This is a cute little pop song haha.
Hurricane: This song was also released earlier and I didn't really care too much for it haha. It had too much going on. If they had kept the beginning and the jazz r&b part the song would've been fine...but it just had too many sounds going on. It's decent but I don't care too much for it. It's the most pop song off the album, throwing off the vibe we already established.

Overall: This album showcases how much BAP has improved in terms of sound, they still aren't fully mature yet especially with their hooks and choruses. I think if they took off for a year and found some new producers things will look great for them. It's cool that they have established themselves as rookies, but now it's time for improvement and show why they deserve to be at the top of it Idols list because they are still considered as nugus. But this album is good. Bad Man is their best song to date, and the follow up tracks were good as well, best album they've come out with since their debut. Now can they take a break, go on more tours and prepare and official album.
Rating: 4.5/5

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