Tuesday, September 10, 2013

'O!H! ARE YOU L8,TE, 2?' BTS 2nd Mini Album Review

These musically talented hip hop rookies are back to serve wannabehood realness! I'm a huge fan of the first album and I'm pretty darn sure this album won't disappoint either.
Intro: Very inspirational intro speech in English at the beginning by Rap Monster. Very touching! We are still continuing with the vibe from 'No More Dream' They're asking us if we should really keep conforming to society and stand up for your dream, even if it sounds unorthodox.

N.O: YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. That's all I have to say. Just YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I'm loving the trap, hip-hop/r&b going on and they seem to infuse the vocals with the raps better this time. The song flowssssssssssss so perfectly. And the lyrics are amazing!! Just like in 'No More Dream' the topic is about breaking away from the norm in Korea, why are the school systems focused solely on making the kids be number 1 and striving for excellence. It's a GREAT TOPIC because the suicide rate among students in South Korea is RIDICULOUS it's heartbreaking at this point. Suicide is the norm over there because of overworking those poor kids to death. Some of them have no real dreams because they are told by adults to suppress the pain but it's obviously killing them. BTS is saying to just say NO and go for your dreams before it's too late. Love it. I love how they infuse hip hop with good messages for society. 
Video is just like how the song suggests. Their music videos mix the storyline and the choreography so well together. I clearly understand the plot and message, and the choreography helps to emphasize it. Love it. I love how it's set for the future to show what Korea could possibly be like. Kids turn into machines and can no longer think for themselves. Scary...

We On: YASSSSSSSSSSSSs The hip hop is nice but those VOCALSSSS that r&bbbbb those harmoniessssss. I could do without the "swag" and all that other foolishness which is in American hip hop today. I wish they would kind of hop off that bandwagon and make their own color, but either way it's a good song. BTW the other lyrics are good too. Rap Monster and Suga are amazing for their age.
Skit R U Happy Now?: They're so funny!! But they're just asking each other if they're happy, tired, have they eaten, nothing much hahahahaha it's cute.

If I Ruled the World: A nice attempt at West Coast music hahaha. They keep saying "West side till I die" and unfortunately they aren't about that life. As I recall Rap Monster lived in New Zealand which does not constitute as California. Nice try. But this song is nice and catchy hahaha. I love the "I know this is silly but I'm singing this childish song" hahahahahahahahaha NICEEEEEE. They know how silly the lyrics are so it's nice that they're getting a kick out of it.
Coffee: This is a cute mid-tempo ballad. I think it would've been better to hear more of the vocalists for this song like what we did for the last album. I love hearing the rappers rap...but when it comes to mid-tempo or ballad r&b when the songs are meant to showcase the vocalists, please let the vocalists shine hahaha. But other than that it's cute!

BTS Cypher Pt 1: WELL DAS IT. GOOOOOOOO OFFFFFFFFf RAP MONSTER BETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTERRRRRRRRRRR GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. Gah it still amazes me whenever I hear him rap. He is really talented for his age. He will improve into some type of genius as he gets older, as long as he doesn't lose sight of the real things to rap about. Suga is also on that road as well. Gashhhh they're awesome. For a second I thought they had downloaded the Control beat too lmaooo. If you understand that, you're awesome.
Bulletproof in Advance: LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe. So upbeat and fun and catchy and fun!! The lyrics are great hahaha.
Strong Arm: Giving old school hip hop instrumental with fun upbeat lyrics I love them hahaha they're so funny hahaha. Love it!!

Outro Luv in Skool: Danggit....they put the baby making music as the last song and only 1 minute and 35 seconds long. Dang it. Anyways sexy, r&b and sultry and those VOCALS. This makes me so mad that it's so short.

This is a great album, I wouldn't even call this a mini album with 10 tracks! Shoo I wonder what a full album to them is, but hey, more great music. They've improved alot since their debut which is great. I had preconceived notions that they would just recycle the same hip hop sounds but they've experimented around. They really do know their hip hop! And they're good composers too!! Very talented group of young boys. They're in a league of their own right now, as long as they continue what they're doing and don't change their style to get their music played on the radio. But this is a good album! Very consistent, everything flows well. I don't really have many complaints except to give the vocalists more shine but I believe they're holding off for later. Right now they're giving us more Rap Monster and the others because the public will be amazed but his rap skills. Once they establish themselves I'm sure the vocalists will get more lines or more songs to themselves. And also it could be because the vocalists themselves aren't outstanding. From what I've heard thus far, they can't go toe to toe with D.O. or Daehyun from the rookies circle but they're not bad either. Just need some time.
Lyrics are really good, even for the corny songs, it's witty. I enjoyed this album. We got mid-tempo pop ballad, r&b, trap music, old school hip-hop, it's great. They really know their music!! And their lyrics about the problems with society in Korea are excellent!! 
Rating 4.9/5

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