Sunday, October 27, 2013

'Chemistry' Album Review

The trouble making duo Hyuna and Hyunseung are backkkkk! It's been 2 years since their first "debut" if you will and they captured alot of Korea's attention with their sexy and sultry dance moves. Hyuna received sooooo much backlash it was ridiculous, but that hasn't stopped them from coming back again this year with a 19+ rating! They turn up the heat even more in their music video but the album definitely worth listening to.
Turn Up the Volume: For the title, you would expect it to be a dance track or like part 2 to 4Minute's 'Volume Up' lol but it's the complete opposite. It's an acoustic pop song haha. It opens with Hyunseung's lovely voice, followed by Hyuna's raps. It seems that Hyuna listened to what people were giving her flack for, and that is her rap skills. Prior to 4Minute she was the main rapper in Wonder Girls and she was pretty decent. But then as time progressed in 4Minute she stopped rapping and just cutely talked her rap parts. With all the praise Hyunseung got for his voice and talent in this duo, she decided to step her game up this time around. She sounds decent, still sounds like she's talking but she's not bad to listen to, same with her singing voice. The song is cute, nothing amazing or praise worthy.
Now/There is No Tomorrow: This is the title song and like I said, they seem to have gone a different route for this comeback. Upon first listen, I didn't care for it and it didn't seem all that catchy compared to 'Trouble Maker' but it gets better. I do enjoy Hyuna's sultry rap and Hyunseung's singing compared to 'Trouble Maker'. Hyuna has definitely improved and thank goodness. This is a mellow pop song, nothing all that fun and upbeat about it and you won't expect me going around singing the lyrics...but it is kind of catchy. A little too dramatic for me though...
This seems to be a two sided perspective to Rihanna's 'We Found Love' MV. Not saying this is a copy because Rihanna copied her mv as well but it has many similarities...This video isn't original. But we see that both of them are cheating on each other, but still come back home at the end of the day. Hyuna wants love it seems specifically from Hyunseung but he has alot of issues and is violent...So this is like one of those relationships haha. The choreo is good, same sexy groping stuff as 'Trouble Maker' but it didn't seem all that explicit...maybe we'll have to see all of it to judge. But the cinematography for the outside shots are BEAUTIFUL other than that...this is decent...A little to try hardy but good. (shoutout to the fine black man in the video Cube knows whats up)
Girl(The Girl Who Wants to Play) Hyunseung ft Hyuna: This is Hyunseung's solo with Hyuna...I don't understand the need for that but ok. This is a r&b joint and his voice sounds really good, I like it alot! I could've done without Hyuna...this is a damn solo for this duet why they had to include her makes no dang sense.  But the song is good!!
Attention: LOVEEE. LOVEEEEEEEEEEE. That saxophone and the pop beat just workssss. Hyuna's voice at the beginning was the best she has EVER sounded...and then she ruined it with that annoying voice. But this is a good song! Probably the most fun song on the album because everything else was midtempo but this lifts up your spirits! Why wasn't this the title because it is definitely the best song on the album...But whatever Cube WHATEVER. GREAT SONG!
I Like ft Flowsik of Aziatix: I only need for Flowsik for 'WHAT MUSIC WILL YOU LISTEN TO' hahahahaha. This is a decent song for Hyuna, this suits her style and caters to voice. There are some really good moments and then there are some weak moments for the song but it's pretty good. But I see people commenting about her making it in the US with this song...OK keep that dream alive lol. But this song is good for her nothing I love. Although I would like to see her perform this live so I can see the dance ahaha.

Overall: This album is a million times better than 'Trouble Maker' and I guess they just couldn't find the right producers because it was all over the place Hyuna's vocals just weren't hitting it. But this album is consistent all the way through. I'm glad that they both get their solo tracks that cater to their style and ability. And then the songs that they do have together are good too. Great improvement from Hyuna, if she keeps this up then people could stop slut shaming her and Cube will tell her to tone down the sexy and show something more than that. But for those of you who like this duo this album is definitely worth listening to!
Rating 4.0/5

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