Sunday, October 13, 2013

Everybody Mini Album Review

Shinee's back!! SM is on a roll this year with their male groups! Shinee are back again after just releasing their 3rd album earlier this year and the repackaged album during the summer! Now they have their mini album release! I believe that SM is pushing for a hit since their title songs didn't do so well this year. I think that's because SM keeps choosing weak songs for them to promote. 'Dream Girl' was good but 'Why So Serious' wasn't allat. Same here with 'Everybody' why choose that dubstep infused chaotic mess when there are much better songs on the album?! Either way, Shinee never fails to disappoint!
Everybody: The song came out a couple days ago along with the MV so it's no news to anyone how this song goes. It's filled with unnecessary uses of dubstep but it's a fun and catchy song. The problem is all the different sounds going on, there is constant noise in the background which distracts from those singing. Since the choreo is SICKENING I think this song is only meant to be promoted with the idea of entertainment instead of showcasing the song itself or the vocalists. It's mediocre, nothing new and that's odd coming from Shinee especially this year when their album had such interesting genres and sounds. It's a weak title song and not something I can jam to all the time because of all that noise.
I like the creepy beginning of the video, although I don't really understand this concept. I understand the toy soldiers thanks to the choreography but I didn't understand the people with masks and what not. I just know that everyone needs to wake up. LOVE THE CHOREOGRAPHY. IT IS SICKENINGGGGGGGG.
Symptoms: I was looking forward to this song when SM released a 2 minute lyric video for the song. WHY WASN'T THIS THE TITLE SONG? It was even produced by The Underdogs, they've worked with a lot of r&b artists so it explains how amazing this is. Ugggh this song is so sexy and their voices...just. I can feel the emotion and passion. Can SHinee just go back to their r&b days?! SM can I please just get a full album with r&b from them?? Song is amazing and everyone agrees. LOVE IT.
Queen of New York: I don't...understand this title But the song is good! I found myself jamming to it in the background. It's a fun pop song and really catchy. Those harmonies are amazing! I could have done without the random english though but it's still a good song.
One Minute Back: This song is so amazingly perfect. It's weird and unique with all the different sounds and genres put together to create one song with one melody. This is what happens when you infuse so many sounds together and rhythms and it comes out perfect! Love it! GREAT song!!
Destination: A good 90's pop song with modern beats too! Very simple and catchy! Onew wrote this song too so kudos to him!! Great song!!!
Close the Door: A mid-tempo song with great instrumentals, I love the use of the organ piano and the synths! The melody is simple and soothing, their voices are GREAT, very calm. I love it! It has an old school r&b rhythm to it because of how easy it follows the rhythm of the piano. Great song!
Colorful: A fun and colorful song haha! Love it! Upbeat and uplifting! Reminds me of an OST for a Japanese drama or anime ending or something! Cute and fun!

This was a great mini album! I have never heard a bad Shinee album! I do think this comeback was random and it could've waited until next year in my opinion. I feel like the comeback was rushed because SNSD aren't coming back yet nor is there word on them. So as a filler, they chose to go with Shinee again although it would've been nice to hear HoMin again...But anyways the album is good! It has a nice balance of pop, r&b and mid-tempo ballads which is typical of Shinee. They're capable of crossing genres so I love their extreme versatility!
Rating 4.6/5

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