Friday, October 4, 2013

Kara to DISBAND are the Wonder Girls Next?

Kara's Jiyoung and Nicole will NOT BE RENEWING THEIR CONTRACTS WITH DSP!! Last night hot on the rumor mill was Kara disbanding after their Japanese Tour. DSP denied it at first, but now, since this has become a huge issue, they released this statement. Jiyoung has expressed interest in furthering her studies and wants to study abroad. There is no word on Nicole however, just that she will not be renewing her contract.

So this leaves the other 3. Whether or not Kara will continue with other girls, we don't know but I doubt it. The agency says they will continue as a team but that sounds like a load of bs. The last 3 could definitely go solo and still stay relevant in the entertainment industry. Seungyeon will continue to act despite her inability to act which netizens agree on. Hara will continue to act as well and continue to date men within the entertainment industry; she will always stay relevant. And Gyuri will continue with her radio show and continue going on variety programs to tell it like it is like Ice Queen she is haha. So the other 2 did not really have much going for them anyways. Nicole who is my favorite of the group is beautiful and probably has the most talent out of all of them but she hasn't stamped her ground down as someone who could make it solo. Who knows? Maybe this is the perfect opportunity for her! She could go solo under another agency and showcase her talent!

Kara, Wonder Girls and SNSD all debuted in 2007 and all of their contracts end in early 2014. We now know the situation with Kara but what about the Wonder Girls? Their last album was summer 2012 with 'Like This'. After that Sunye got married and is expecting her first child. JYP has not released any info about his plans for them in the future, but he won't come out and say that the Wonder Girls will disband. Unless they plan on throwing Summi back in to replace Sunye, that's it for the girls! They haven't had a mega hit that the public recognized since 'So Hot' and that was before JYP decided to jump ship and throw them into the American market, hoping they would succeed. Unfortunately they didn't. Wonder Girls were THE TOP GIRL GROUP IN KOREA during that time period. They were better than SNSD. That's right. They were OVER SNSD. But then they disappeared and SNSD came out with 'Gee' and that sealed their fate. 
Without Sunye the girls really don't have a future together unless they put Summi back in. Yenny could definitely go solo because she can sing and she composes. Sohee will continue to model and act because that's what she was casted in JYP for. Yubin could continue to guest feature on other people's songs but she hasn't made her stamp in Korea at all nor are her rap skills anything special. Lim will continue with her radio show and that TV show she's on, but she too hasn't made a stamp on Korea, just that people have sympathy for her.
So. What will it be?
Either JYP puts Summi back in and they continue as 5 or they disband altogether.

2014 will be very interesting starting in January. Be on the lookout for my predictions.

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