Wednesday, October 30, 2013

"Moments" 8th Mini Album Review

U-KISS as 6 members are back once again for 2013 with their 8th MINI ALBUM 'Moments'. Original member Dongho left the group a couple weeks ago but U-KISS still trucked on without him. After this promotion period, AJ will be going back to school to continue his studies so how long will U-KISS last?? Maybe this album will be a hit so that their career won't be in jeopardy? Unfortunately they picked, once again, the WRONG TIME TO PROMOTE because they go up against IU, Busker Busker and Shinee who are heavy weight champions. SO does this album set them apart from the rest? Will they win ANY awards??
Intro: This is cute hahaha I liked AJ's shoutouts but the vocals the YEA YEA YEAAAAAAAAAAH was too much haha. But it's a nice little intro.
Mysterious Lady: This track was pre-released last week and it's pretty good! I loved the guitar at the beginning and how it gradually progresses to the pop and r&b section. Pretty good song!!
She's Mine: They've decided to go back the r&b/hip-hop sound again, similar to 'Stop Girl' but this song has more pop appeal. I love Kevin's voice during his part, that's when the pitch changes but then it returns to the r&b. This song focuses more on the rappers, whereas the vocalists only sing hooks and refrains and the chorus but it works because typically with them it's the other way around! It's a pretty good song. But with this being the title track, will it have any public appeal?? To be's a good direction for them to go in however they don't offer anything special to those that are promoting at this time...But it's a really good song! Fun and catchy!
This music video is pretty bad...It's so typical...They have the Rolls Royces everywhere, motorcycles, dancing half naked women, hip hop gestures, constant rubbing of the lips IT'S SO BAD AND UNORIGINAL. I did however like the materials shown in color like the shoes and the bikes, while everything else is in black and white...BUT Infinite H did THE SAME THING with their video minus the awkward hand gestures. And I hate the black cultural appropriation with AJ's cornrows. Why do Koreans feel the need to make idols look like wannabe fools for Hip Hop concepts??? Everything received a major no from me. I do like the choreo, as usual of them...
Turn Off the Light: Upbeat and fun! I like the drums and the piano, good pop song! It's cute!

Hey Man: It's a nice pop song but nothing all that special about it! It's good but doesn't leave that much of an impression, and the use of "hey man" seems out of place even though we know the context of the chorus. It's still just awkward...
Wait a Moment: Love the instrumental!!! SO MUCHHHHHHHH!!! It sounds like there is a real drum playing, not just something from the computer. I love the organ piano with it too! However, I wish they had used the composition of the lyrics better. I feel like they could've made it more jazzy or r&b because it has a simple melody. But it's a really good song and I think it's the best off the album!

Overall: It seems that for this album they let the rappers shine more because the line distribution is totally different from how it used to be when they added AJ. Typically the rappers got a few lines towards the end of the song, but AJ REALLY shines here! His rap skills are pretty impressive! I also don't only hear mainly Soohyun for the vocals so I really do commend the line distribution this time around because it shows their versatility. However, there is nothing all that special about this album. It was nice for them to use Brave Sound but everyone uses them all the songs sound the same. Korea wants refreshing and original music that leaves a lasting impression. Unfortunately that does not happen here EVEN THOUGH THIS IS A GOOD ALBUM. 'Stop Girl' is one of their best title songs they've promoted with in years but they just pick the wrong time to PROMOTE!!. ALL THE TIME! Even when they come out twice a year and release sub-units, they don't place themselves apart musically compared to other rookies! They are a talented group but they need to find their niche in pop music. I loved 'Tick Tock', 'Standing Still', 'Stop Girl', 'Bingle Bingle, and 'Man Man Ahni' but when you promote against people who top the charts no matter what, you need to come up with something different! I really do like U-KISS because every now and then they create some real good music and despite all the member changes they still persevere. I really do want for them to win major awards but at this point...I don't know what else they can do...
Rating: 4.0/5 

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