Thursday, October 3, 2013

[RUMOR] Kara to Disband After Japanese Tour UPDATE

Hot on the rumor mill, Kara is expected to virtually disband after their Japanese Tour.I don't know where this rumor came from and there hasn't been any official statement from DSP so just take this with a grain a salt.
However, if they do disband, it makes sense.
Their contract ends this year, in 2014 they will either renew their contracts or split. I'm sure everyone remembers the contract issues that happened with them 2 or 3 years ago and how the group was split in half. Do you think that the girls put aside their differences and stuck it out despite hating each other?
Kara haven't had a huge hit in Korea since "Mr." I believe. Yea everyone liked 'Jumping' and 'Step' but they weren't huge hits. They're more popular in Japan than they are in Korea. So that can be taken into factor.
With the controversy recently surrounding them because of Hara and Jiyoung's behavior netizens don't really care for them at the moment. So right now, publicly they aren't shown in a positive light, only Gyuri is.

So is this rumor true? Alot of things point to it as true. They debuted in 2007 so 6 years in the kpop industry nowadays is a long time. They're more popular in Japan than they are Korea, haven't had a mega hit that the public recognize, and their contracts end.

Once again there is NO CONFIRMATION only rumor and like I said I have no clue where this rumor came from or why it started. So what do you think? Is this the end for Kara?

A Tokyo News Report released an article saying that they will disband. However, they did not receive any permission to create this article from DSP. DSP is denying the rumors however there is still no official statement.

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