Wednesday, October 9, 2013

'Who Are You? It's Me' 2nd Mini Album Review

Kahi is backkkkkk finally!!!! Kahi first released a solo mini album back in 2011 which didn't fair to well on the charts nor did the album leave much of an impression so hopefully this time around Kahi gets the attention she deserves and showcase who she really is as a solo artist and not just a graduated After School member.
Boys and Girls ft Swings: A fun mid-tempo, upbeat song with a mellow melody's still catchy and fun haha. The English lyrics sound ridiculous and they were randomly placed everywhere....Swings' English is good of course haha. But it's about the difference between females and males and how they act. Swings obviously represents the male point of view and how they just want to party and sleep around whereas girls want love and want men to change. The song is nice.
It's Me ft Dumbfounded: This is the title song and it's pretty lack luster. Very underwhelming. I'm sure the song will grow on me if I see the choreography. However, this won't cause much of a stir if she's going up against IU and Busker Busker, that's a HUGE MISTAKE she def picked the wrong time to promote...But the song is ok. Also mid-tempo pop song. I like that so far Kahi hasn't delivered typical pop like everyone else. Also Dumbfounded's rap is a plus, I had never heard him rap in Korean hahaha. I think his rapped left more of an impression than Kahi. 
Hey Boy ft Dok2: I like this song. Continuing with the use of synths and basic melody, not alot of sound in the ears which is good. Dok2's feature is a plus, the song is sexy and fun and I did enjoy Kahi's little rap haha. Nice song.
Sinister ft Bekah: I had been looking forward to this song just like everyone else. And it delivers. So far this is the best song off the album. Her voice is great here, the melody and composition is GREAT. It's catchy and driving and bad ass I love it!! I was afraid Kahi wouldn't have much vocal technique but she sounds great here and is using everything she's got! Love it!!! Having Bekah feature is great!! Alot of us were wondering if she would ever come back to the entertainment world and apparently she's preparing for something so this feature could be the beginning. I'm excited!! Anyways great song!
Colorful World ft Yoon Do Hyun of YB): I like this, it's got the old school vibe going on. The guitar and drums and melody are great. Reminds me of something Lee Hyori would've added on her 'Miss Korea' album. It's a nice song!
Slow: I'm glad she made this a ballad and didn't have anyone feature on it because we get to see who Kahi is as an artist. It's a good song and it suits her voice!

This album was better than her first mini album mainly because we can see she has matured as an artist and I think she worked more on it, more hands on. It doesn't seem like she came out with something that her company pushed so that's good. However, it won't fair well against the huge competition that's out right now. She should've came stronger with something different which showcases who she is as a solo artist. She abandoned the pop and went with a sound that's different but still doesn't make her distinct against the others. But the album wasn't bad at all! My favorite song would be Sinister, definitely a download. I just wish there was more to this album because it was slightly boring.
Rating: 3.8/5

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