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Kim Jaejoong 'WWW' Album Review

Kim Jaejoong of JYJ is back for the end of 2013 with his first full solo album following the footsteps of fellow member Junsu with "WWW." Jaejoong earlier in 2013 released his first solo mini album 'Mine' under the rock genre and he continues with the rock theme. If you weren't a fan of him then well you will definitely be a fan of him now because this album doesn't disappoint!
Light: A fun rock song! A great energetic start to the album and then as he sings the verses it's soothing and we hear his amazing voice beautifully. I'm so glad that he breaks out of the typical kpop boundaries by performing what he does best and works with his voice. It's a great song to dance to as well for the melody is simple and easy to follow along with. Great song! Love his voice by the way ^^
Don't Walk Away ft Junhyung of B2st: I like that the song gives a feeling of hope especially with the opening and even though the lyrics make it sad, I still feel uplifted haha. It's a good song! However Junhyung's rap was completely unnecessary!! He started off with "I want your hot love and emotion" quoting Drake's 'Hold On We're Going Home" WHAT. Irrelevant and unnecessary, the song was great without his feature especially with how short it is. But I love the song, Jaejoong's vocals, the string instruments and the timpani! Love!!
Just Another Girl: This serves as a great title track! The melody for this is more pop in terms of rhythm and such but it's still rock themed. It's not too overbearing but it's not boring and subtle, it has just the right amount to keep you interested. Although I don't think this song is as catchy to ME as 'Mine' and it didn't leave that deep of an impression as 'Mine' did but nonetheless it's still a good song!
He is SO BEAUTIFUL AND ETHEREAL. I couldn't even concentrate on the video on how GORGEOUS he is Jesus! And that smoldering stare!!!! GAHHHHHHH. But it's nice, shows him performing with the band then the narrative, nothing all that special. HE'S SO BEAUTIFUL JESUS FRIGGIN CHRIST.
Butterfly: This track was released a couple days ago so to some it may not be new but this is a good song! I like the change in keys between the verses and chorus, it keeps you hooked and it sounds slightly haunting too. With the title being Butterfly you wouldn't really imagine this type of song but it works! 
Rotten Love: Wow, I really liked this as soon as it started. With it being so low and gloomy it slightly reminded me of Nirvana in terms of instrumental and composition. (I'm not expert in rock music and barely listen to it compared to other genres so forgive me) I like how it picks up during the chorus so it doesn't stay sad and gloomy the whole way through but it's reaaaaaaalllly good. I like it alot! And I LOVE HIS VOICEEEEEEEE.
A Sunny Day ft Lee Sang Geun of Noel: This lovely ballad was pre-released as well about a week or 2 ago so this definitely won't be new to anyone. It's a beautiful ballad filled with 2 great vocalists!!! Beautiful!
Let the Rhythm Flow: This album is great to have as background music! Even though it's rock, it's soothing and I like listening to it! Good song!
It Is: OOOOOOOOOOOOh this ballad is beautiful....that's all I have to say Just BEAUTIFUL
Now is Good: A mid-tempo ballad and it's also beautiful!!
9+1#: Now this is what I needed!!! The whole album was starting to get repetitive with the rock theme, there wasn't anything extraordinary for me and now he gives us this! I wanted a sort of part 2 to 'Mine' and he turns the album around with this! Good song and those vocals!!!!! Love it!
Luvholic ft Ha Dong QN: LOVE I MEAN LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ITT! It's so funk and punk and sassy hahaha and I love Ha Dong QN's voice he really compliments the song and vibe well. Right now it's the best song off the album for me.
Modem Beat: This is really fun and catchy!!
Paradise: Love the piano at the beginning but LAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWD this song is sooooooooo sexy and sultryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. He talks and sings in this breathy, cooey voice and just LAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWd. Beautiful song and great way to close the album!!

Overall: This is a really good album! Very consistent, extremely consistent!! Not a bad song on here and nothing to really complain about. This album is great for those who like Korean rock or just a fan of Jaejoong in general. Although this isn't the genre I know too much about I do listen to a few American bands but that's it. Therefore, my review is probably not as in depth and have variety compared to my other reviews, but then again since everything was so good I don't really have much TO SAY hahaha. So this is a really good album!! Support JYJ support DB5K support support support so SM can quit blocking them!!
Rating 5.0/5.0

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