Friday, November 22, 2013

2013 MAMA Review

The 2013 MAMA took place in Hong Kong again this year, awarding not only Korean artists but American and Chinese as well. For those that are not aware, the Mnet Asian Music Awards is a Korean award show started in 1999, one of the biggest events in Korea. It awards those that are currently active in Korea as well as foreign artists. This year, we have performances from Ylvis, Crayon Pop, Paris Hilton, Stevie Wonder, 2ne1, Big Bang, EXO, Hyorin, Aaron Kwak and many more...
For the past couple of years, ever since they made the awards outside of Korea, it's been quite boring. Artists tend to save their creativity for the end of the year awards in Korea so they treat this as another Inkigayo or weekly award show. In particular YG (not trying to be biased) generally give great performances with overflowing creativity. Facts. Every once in a while other artists do give good performances however this year...was REALLY BORING...
These are my top 3 performances:

I REALLY enjoyed TOP's performance of 'Doom Dada' haha. Everyone was anticipating this stage even though he will not be promoting it in Korea so it was nice of him to perform. He SHUT IT DOWN. Like. KILLTTTT THE STAGE. I loved his chair, the outfit, the baby, the dancers and the dance it was a really good, charismatic performance. AND he rapped fast live, it wasn't lip synched. No TOP is not the fastest rapper in Korea but he can definitely do it. With this performance, he was able to showcase once again he is really talented. TOP in my opinion is a better rapper than GD because of his lyrics and wit. If you haven't already, look up the lyrics to Doom Dada! Even though he barely gets lines in BB, he had to remind everyone HE IS STILL TOP.

Rain made his comeback after being away for 3 years from serving the military!! I wasn't expecting him to be there because it's so random nor did he have any new material but I STILL ENJOYED IT!!! He performed my top 3 songs from his 'How to Escape the Sun' 'It's Raining' and 'Hip Song' He didn't perform much haha I can tell it's been a while! He looked tired and didn't have as much energy as he' used to having. But I'm sure he'll get it together by 2014 with his new album. Alot of people were fangirling including A Pink and EXO hahahaha AND SO WAS I I KNOW THE DANCE TO IT'S RAINING THAT'S MAH JAM!! Good performance and great stage presence...with his fine self.

Stevie Wonder, the LEGEND performed this year as well with Hyorin of SISTAR and Aaron Hwak. He sang 'I Just Called to Say I Love You' 'Lately' 'Isn't She Lovely' and 'SUPERSTITION' that's MAH JAM!! Everyone was jamming and everything. He also received the Global Ambassador award!! Good performance of course WHEN WILL YOUR FAV DO A DUET WITH STEVIE WONDER haha Hyorin sounded really good hahaa.

There were other notable performances but honestly it was pretty boring. EXO's performance was really good actually. I liked their change in dance routine and the fight sequences and how the majority of 'Growl' was shot in 'One Take' which they DID NOT INVENT so crazy Exo stans stfu they didn't invent anything. I also liked Kai's opening performance. 2ne1's performance was nice but since it was their ballads there wasn't much to offer in the first place. All of Big Bang did well! GD, Seungri and Taeyang had their solos as well then they all came together with Daesung in a peptobismal suit lol. Despite all that it was still pretty boring and I would like to think it's because of more budget cuts this year. There were alot of sound problems, music wasn't together, pyrotechnics weren't together, alot of mistakes it was a mess at times. Hopefully for the Gayos in December, everyone will bring their creativity!! Stick around for my reviews of those awards and maybe next year the MAMA will be better.

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