Monday, November 11, 2013


I stopped following Allkpop in the summer of 2013 because they released personal info about the creator of Netizenbuzz because she used to work for Allkpop. Johhny Noh who is the CEO of Allkpop is an asshole. He does not apologize or repent from his wrongdoings. Stirring up controversy about Ailee's nude photos IS NOT A NEWS ARTICLE. You had the choice just like everyone else not to run the story, but you all showed your ass. Apparently, Ailee was 15 years old in the photos (unconfirmed) but if that's the truth, that's child pornography. Also this is public defamation of character. So I all I have to say to Allkpop and Johhny Noh is to LAWYER UP.

Kpop stars have unfollowed Allkpop on Twitter as a result, Min of Miss A, Amber of f(x), Siwon of Super Junior, Kevin from UKISS, Jay Park and G.Na. Other artists have showed their support for Ailee and I suggest you do the same. Everyone makes mistakes, we were all young once so I can understand. I don't blame her for taking the photos at all. WE ARE HUMAN. That doesn't make her a slut or a whore. We find the ex-boyfriend and we boycott Allkpop from further exploiting more stars. Stop giving Allkpop, stop tweeting them stop referring to them just STOP GIVING THEM ATTENTION. Use Soompi, Netizenbuzz, E News World, Kpop Starz, Asian Junkie ANYONE BUT ALLKPOP.
Tablo said it best. 
Fuck em.

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