Tuesday, November 5, 2013

'Hush' Miss A Album Review

Essentially this is just a mini album or a repackaged version of the 'Independent Women Pt 3' album and 'Touch' because this album only has 6 new songs and the rest are songs from those 2 albums. What's the point in that JYP?? Just call it a mini album or for once give us a full album! He did that with their 1st full album too by including songs from their mini albums. It's ridiculous. If you wanna repackage them, just make the album come out like a month after that like with SM. Duh.
Anyways, this is miss A's comeback after a last year from 'Independent Women pt 3' That song wasn't really a hit, but I thoroughly enjoyed the album. Working with E-tribe for their title track, we hope that this song will be a hit to place miss A at the top to rival other girl groups because they deserve it!
Come On Over: I really like the sound of this! I like the old school pop vibe going on, it's very chill and laidback and sexy. Good song! Vocally no one is giving me anything however so it doesn't really strike me much. But I really really love the instrumental. It seems that the theme of this album is sexy and mature, now that Suzy is of age they're ready to talk about sex! As for me, that tactic doesn't work for me especially since this concept has been done a trillion times in the kpop world now so they don't really set themselves apart...
Hush: At first, I didn't really like it and I still think it's mediocre, however it'll grow on me. Again this song too is mid-tempo, throughout the whole song I was expecting there to be a climatic moment but nothing really happened. The melody is very consistent and so is the rhythm. It's very repetitive and the lyrics are simple. The translation is easy to figure out, they want the boy to come and kiss them or rather to have sex. The sexual connotations are evident. I was expecting there to be more to this concept and the lyrics are a major disappointment. It's so simple like a child came up with it. I do appreciate that there is no rap. It's all vocals here and maybe a change in pitch with a rap to spice the song up...but nothing at all. With this being produced by E-tribe, not JYP we were all expecting a HUGE hit...but...it fell short. He produced 'GEE' and other popular songs...but his magic touch didn't happen here. I do like the song, it's just not awesome, it is really catchy and the melody sticks in your head but that's because it's repetitive.
I realllllllllllllllly love the choregraphy!! I think it caters to the song well and could actually help it more. The video is sexy but I don't understand where they are lol. What does it have to do with the song?? It's like they're in the same house as where 'Touch' was just in a different room lol. Nothing special, just an odd setting haha but I really love the choreography from them which I've never not liked from them.
Love is U: A completely different direction from what the first two songs conveyed. It's pop and upbeat and cute and all that. It's not that great to me. It's a nice album filler but it's nothing all too special. The lyrics are too simple as well. I did enjoy Jia's rap but everything else is basic. It's repetitive and cliche, not really interesting but if you like this type of cute then it's for you.
Spotlight: Too much cutesy pop here. Too much aegyo for my taste. It builds off the pop genre from the previous song and the melody is very catchy so it will leave an impression on the listener. I like the instrumental during the chorus because it gives something creative to the song however without it it's rather boring.
Hide&Sick: This is a really good song!! I love Jia's rap and the hip hop beat during her solo. The melody is catchy, consistent, and for the most part the typical elements of a pop song. I think that the guitar gives it an edge which works nicely here. I think the highlights are Jia's rap and that little breakdown works good for her voice. Good song!
MAMA (I'm Good):  I love the instrumental!! The band consistenting of the trumpets, piano, saxophone, I love it!! The lyrics are really weird but it's unique and catches your attention haha. It's really fun and upbeat, very catchy and the melody stays in your head. I like it alot!! 
Like U: I like the instrumental here, that pop and r&b feel with the sultry, mellow lyrics, it works cohesively well.  
Hush (Party Version): This version is exactly like what it says, electro pop and house infused together as opposed to the acoustic undertone of the original version. I do think that both versions work well together and that they can promote with both. I think I prefer this one better because it has more to the instrumental than the original because it doesn't just stay in one range the whole time. It's climatic and leaves something to the imagination instead of being a let down in terms of musicality. But both are nice. 

Overall: This album is set into 2 different parts, mainly genres but it still works together for this album. The theme is event and once in a while it reveals that the girls are sexy and sophisticated. Last year they went to saying they don't need a man, this year they WANT and NEED a boy and kissing and all that stuff. That is clearly present, but then the album switches to the pop and cute stuff which throws off the vibe. Therefore, I think the best songs on the album are 'Hush' and 'Come On Over' whereas the other songs would be good for a different album altogether. Nothing really stood out that much on this album and it wasn't great all the way through. I think that my favorite album would be 'Independent Women pt 3' because it's so consistent all the way through and stuck with the concept presented. Here, it's slightly all over the place, but then again this is Miss A's specialty. Just when you think that you can accurately place the genre they belong to that caters to their voices, they switch it up. It could be a positive and a hindrance. I think it's great to appeal to everyone with every genre on an album however if it's too much it gets boring. All of their albums have been like this but they're still good songs. I'm just tired of being let down and I want them to come back with a fierce concept and crush the competition...
Other than that, my other complaint is the vocals, no one really stood out except for Min but I think that's just line distribution.
This is a good album with a few songs that will be on my ipod, I know that my fellow Say A fans will enjoy the album too.
Rating 4.0/5

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