Monday, November 25, 2013

Love & Hate Album Review

One of the top female idols with a powerful voice, Hyorin of Sistar has finally released her first solo album!! Unfortunately the rest of the group doesn't get much attention because her voice overpowers everyone so it was only right for Hyorin to grab dibs on the first solo album. With much anticipation of how she will deliver, it's filled with soothing pop ballads but lacks ferocity.

Lonely: This is not the title song but the music video for this is released first. Everyone was expecting a powerful, fierce debut but instead she starts the album off with a mid-tempo, soothing ballad. Instead of relying on her loud raspy vocals, she cooes her way through. Very soft song which conveys being lonely. I like the song alot, it's nice to hear this side to Hyorin, although I do enjoy her powerful ballads and upbeat Sistar songs, this shows her versatility. Good song!!
I love it! She shot it in London, it shows her beauty and quirky side! She tries to mask her loneliness by acting silly and smiling but then it shows how lonely she is as well. Very fitting music video, I really do feel the sadness now haha.

One Way Love: Once this song got the chorus, it sounds like another typical Bravesound song even though it's good but too typical. It reminds me of Teen Top's songs haha, like a slowed down r&b version of 'Miss Right' hahaha. Unfortunately this is the title song and alot of people were expecting Beyonce' to come through. I like it alot but I think her upper register kills it for me...It's kind of lack luster but it' still a good song!! It just needed a pick me up, I wasn't slayed...I think the highlight is her rapping but even so it ain't allat...Slightly disappointed...

Don't Hate Me: It's a beautiful song and she's singing in her lower register!! Lovely ballad!!

Stalker ft Mad Clown: I was REALLLLLLY looking forward to this song especially after Mad Clown's song with Soyou (called Stupid in Love LISTEN TO IT) and this song doesn't disappoint although I think I like Soyou's duet better. This song didn't touch me as much but it's still a really good song and I love the lyrics!! Anything Mad Clown is on it's a masterpiece so of course his rap was everything.

Massage ft Dok2: LOVVVVVVVVE IT!! It's hip-hop/r&b but it's not ratchet like what I was expecting with Dok2 lol. I enjoy it alot!! I would've enjoyed this live, I wish this was the title song instead...

Closer: YASSSSSSSSSSSSSs this is what I wanted!! TAKE US TO CHURCH!! It's jazz/r&b and I just loveeeeee it. HERE FOR IT. It's a ballad but with so much soul!

Red Lipstick ft Zico of Block B: I was anticipating this too and of course I enjoyed Zico's rap. I love the dramatic parts to it, it gives this song pizazz! It's really catchy I love the chorus!! Good song!

O.M.G. ft Lil Boi of Geeks: I love it!! It's funky pop music, very fun and upbeat!! The melody is simple so it's catchy, I like it alot!!
Falling: It's a lovely ballad song! What I like about it is the choir in the back to kind of reassure her that it's ok to fall in love hahaha. It's a nice song!!
Tonight: Ohhhhhh no that whistle is alllll K. Will's 'Please Don't' which is my favorite song...But it's still a nice song hahaha.

Overall: Hyorin and Brave Sound went a completely different route no one was expecting. We were expecting full out r&b, upbeat pop, slaying material. We didn't get it. Unfortunately. But that doesn't mean this wasn't a good album. There isn't a bad song on this album, each song has their strengths and weaknesses. My problem is that I think the producers could have gave her more material. We already know that Hyorin has an amazing voice, why not give her songs that showcase that and not just with ballads! Ailee always has a title track that slays and removes edges, but with Hyorin's album we were let down. Apart from that, it's still a good album. I just wanted more from her production team. I don't think 'One Way Love' needed to be a title song but I agree that 'Lonely' is a good pick along with either her song with Mad Clown or Dok2...I'm just slightly disappointed...
Rating: 4.5/5

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