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VOODOO Album Review

Rookie group Vixx have just released their first full album called 'VOODOO'. It seems that going for the supernatural concept works well in their favor because of the attention they receive from it. This group has caught my eye given their potential and weird concepts haha so I have been anticipating this album. They are met with favorable reviews (although their company isn't) in Korea so here's to hoping for longevity!
Intro: Of course it's fucking creepy. Jesus why. But there is a hint of sadness with the orchestra which is beautiful. This is one of the best intros I've heard in a while because it does what an intro is SUPPOSED TO DO. It fits with the concept and it sets the tone. With the horror and sadness mixed in, it seems that this album will try to tell a story...Hopefully the whole album is consistent in theme...
Voodoo Doll: This is the title song and it's very fitting hahaha. The song is about becoming a voodoo doll for the person they love, they will do whatever it takes for them. Intense haha. It's powerful and creepy, it definitely sets them apart from other songs and other idols. I like the song, it has its catchy moments though it doesn't leave that huge of an impression on me like 'On and On' and 'Hyde' do, but that could be because those were generic pop songs. The melody isn't simple which could be why but it's still a very good song. I enjoyed Ravi's rap the most because his raspy voice brings the intensity this song needed given the concept. But it's very unique and creative so kudos.
This was too much. For those that can't stand graphic images, I suggest you find the clean version. Very intense. Again, kudos for their creativity, I LIVE FOR THIS CHOREO, it matches the song to the T which is what I love about Vixx. They stand out because of these concepts and pull it off well which catches Korea's attention. It won't be long till they win awards...
Beautiful Killer: Ohhhhhh I like it!!! This song could definitely be a title song, they should follow up promotions with this. I like it alot!!! Pop, funky, really catchy melody, I like this song alot more than Voodoo to be honest. I want to see this live just for the choreo haha. I like the hint of r&b infused with the pop it's just I LOVE IT. Good song!!!
Someday: Yassssssssss!! A mid-tempo, r&b ballad. I like the acoustic sound too it, their voices are veryyyy soothing even Ravi lol. His voices is too live, sometimes it doesn't suit the song because of that, but he was able to tone it down, very sexy. I love their voices, great song!!
Only You: This was pre-released and I love it. Love. I love the composition, instrumental, it's really good, unlike anything I've heard in a while love it!!!
This video is fitting. If only they had filmed it at night and made it more dramatic, but other than that nice video!
B.O.D.Y.: This song is very upbeat and fun! I like the instrumental alot, my problem is the composition. The lyrics and lack of lyrics isn't that great haha, but I still like the song. It kind of reminds me of an alternate version of 'Hyde' just with different lyrics hahaha.
Secret Night: I was afraid that we would lose the concept since we strayed away from the creepy but we have returned back to it. Song is amazing and Ravi definitely shines here. Reallllly good song!!
Say U Say Me: This so cute and fun!! I really like it, and it's so catchy!! Title makes no sense but it's a good song!! We deter from the weird and resort back to the upbeat pop. I really like the instrumental!! I could hear it being played on the radio here it's good!!!!!!
From Now On You're Mine: This is pop ballad and it's upbeat! I like it! Not my favorite off the album since it does not suit my tastes but it's a really good song!!
Thank You For Being Born: This is a lovely ballad!! It kind of reminds me 90's r&b but with a modern touch. 
Super Hero: A good way to close the album I like it alot!! Upbeat, pop, catchy, unique instrumental it's really good!!

The rest of the album is 'Rock Ur Body', 'On and On', 'Hyde' and the instrumental for Voodoo Doll

Overall: I am very impressed. It's a consistent pop album, but none of the songs are boring. I really do wish that they had continued with the dark concept throughout or to at least tell a story, like how Shinee did with their 'Misconceptions' album though.. Their music is refreshing especially since alot of pop songs sounds the same today, so it's nice to hear it produced differently. The producers are amazing, whoever they are, kudos to them because this is a really good album!! With each comeback, Vixx are trying to make me become a fan. I'm close to adding them to my group of faves hahaha. They have great concepts and choreo which helps them stand out alot so I will continue to have them on my radar. I really loved 'On and On' and 'Hyde' haha. I think the weakest song off this album would be 'Voodoo Doll' but even so, it's still a really good song! There is not one bad song off this album!!!! I will definitely add this to my ipod!!! I KNOW that Starlights will love this album, and other people as well! Congrats to gaining a new fan!!
Rating: 4.9/5


  1. Thank you so much for this post!

    VIXX's On and on is one of my fav kpop songs ever, but for some reason I really haven't gotten into their stuff. After I read this I went to check out the album and OH MY GOD I think I'm becoming a Starlight :D

    This album is friggin amazing even though I'm not a huge fan of the ballad songs. Obviously Voodoo is a great song, Beautiful Killer, B.O.D.Y and Super Hero are also one of my favorites. I didn't even know that Super Hero was already released last year!

    I have to admit that VIXX reminds me a bit of B.A.P but without the hiphop and they take their concepts a bit further. I love that VIXX is getting more and more unique with every release :)

    1. Haha I agree! They've found a concept that suits them same with BAP but I'm glad you've become a fan!!


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