Sunday, June 15, 2014

20th Anniversary Dream Concert Review

I decided to review this and actually watch it for Bada lmao. Das it. There was no particular performance I cared about seeing except Got7 but once I saw the lineup of artists, I immediately retracted my statement. It was filled with TOO MANY NUGU IDOLS. I remember when the concert had Super Junior, SNSD, TVXQ, B2st, Kara, 4 Minute, After School, mainly idols that mattered. But now, apart from the usual artists that always perform, there are people I have never even heard of!! How could they perform at a special concert known in Korea for idols that have relevancy and are actually known to the public?? Then I realized this was taking the place of the weekly show Inkigayo so I feel like they asked for idols that would be promoting at the time to be a part of the line up. But that also wasn't the case because Rainbow has been performing the same song for the past 2 years...Anyways here's my review:

Not much to this...I enjoyed the opening I like that Dynamic Duo always allow other idols to perform with them. From Big Bang all the way up to Vixx. They give them a chance, even if those idols don't get much camera time haha. I loved Block B's rock version performance, they always get the place jumpin. I enjoyed Bada and Eunji's duet (I would've preferred just Bada since it was HER SONG), 4 Minute's remix and I liked that all the members came out from various places of the stage, I liked the rap between BtoB's Ilhoon and Vixx's Ravi and the dance battle, Exo's performance was decent. They all danced really passionately simply because they were lip-syncing lol but that doesn't matter (nor is that anything new) since we wouldn't have heard them singing anyways because of the screaming girls. Everyone else isn't worth mentioning because it's the same performance you see from a weekly show...boring.

So basically, nothing to discuss here. I just thought that since it was the 20th anniversary they would've done something special besides bring out Bada and the small tribute to past idols that would slay a few artists today.

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