Thursday, May 24, 2012

Debut and Comeback Stages...and Farewells :(

First off, I like how at the beginning, they showed everyone's debut stages under JYP. I loved Rain , Wonder Girls, 2pm and 2am, miss A, and now JJ Project. This will be interesting to see how long and good JJ will do. Rain and Wonder Girls are international superstars and everyone on this list has good stamina. I hope that JJ will fit in and shock us with improvements, I wish them luck. 

I like the song now, I still have problems with the dubstep and rock section, but other than that it's ridiculously catchy haha. This was an ok debut, I wish there was more, like they should've performed more stuff or something, I don't know. It was really basic, BUT they sound really good. All the men in JYP have really good stamina, especially 2pm, jeez. But other than that, good debut.

G.Na recently came back with her new mini album 2Hot and this is the comeback stage. She performed Summer Star and 2Hot, you can see my review for the album here

This week is EXO's goodbye stage for MAMA. They did a joint stage with EXO-M so this was my first time seeing all 12 together on stage. They had a very impressive debut, the 2nd best rookie group in my opinion behind B.A.P. I really really really wished that they could sing live. BUT THEY HAVEN'T YET! I, mean the choreo can't be THAT HARD where you can't sing. SHINee did it, B.A.P. did it, Infinite can, so why can't they? Maybe next time when they do a comeback, they will actually sing instead of doing bad lip-syncs. I love you Kai.

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