Sunday, May 5, 2013

"Grown" 3rd 2pm Album Review

OMO! The entire album is out, I just thought they were releasing "Come back!" But here is the album review!!
Come Back After You Hear This Song: I JUST finished reviewing this haha, check it out here!!
Back to Square One: A continuation of the pop we were given in the first song. I believe this is also a title song. And I'm still disappointed. It's not bad, but it's not what I was wanting from 2pm. It does not fit the teasers at all!! What was the point in all that?!!!
I'm Sorry: I love their harmony!! I hate Chansung's voice though. Very sexy r&b, great song!! Nichkhun's voice fits very well with this since it's very r&b and chill. But Chansung throws off the vibe, as usual haha. But it's a great song!! Very sexy!!
Today Marks the 1st Day: Cute title!! Upbeat, I love the instrumental! I wish they had put those instruments more to use than just randomly throwing it in there. But the song is nice!
Dangerous: I love the sexy start, although the English made no sense haha. I like the song, r&b again but upbeat, 70's vibe going on. I like it!
Just for Today: I like the instrumental for this! Very sad! I like it, this is where Chansung's voice fits! He has a very mellow, longing sound to his voice and it's awkward when a song doesn't have that vibe! But here, it works finally! But the song is good.
Game Over: WHY THE HELL WASN'T THIS THE FUCKING TITLE SONG YOU BASTARDS?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the best song off the damn album!! Jun. K whatever, you ARE A FREAKING GENIUS! And I always look forward to your productions. You are better than JYP at this point. Gosh it's amazing! This is what I wanted from 2pm! I've loved the dark era of 2pm and I wanted an upgrade especially since they've matured. That first teaser when they came out the water, and those 7 deadly sins, like this song fits perfectly!! Gah.
Coming Down: Thank you for this. Perfect r&b. Sexy. Sultry. And I will forever live for Junho's passionate voice. Taec. Sexy as hell. Great song!!!
Go Back: I love this!! Thank you 2pm because I thought this album was gonna suck! I love it!! It starts off ballady, then becomes upbeat. Did Junho produce this?? Great song!! Can we just get rid of JYP???
Love Song: Can they stop with these sexy intros?? I think Junho produced this and it's amazing!! I love it!! Great song!!
Suddenly: A ballad! And Taec singing!! I'm glad they decided to put this on the album, this is the Korean version of a Japanese song they've already done. Great!

OVERALL: Very disappointed. I wanted shirts ripped. All of those teasers, the cryptic messages and THIS IS WHAT WE GOT??!! I hope there's a part 2 to this album somewhere this year. The first half of the album was very pop, basic, not what I want from 2pm because it's weak and redundant in the kpop world. But then the 2nd half, after "Dangerous" the album picked up. We did get the grown and sexy, it just isn't there in the title songs!! I don't understand! What has JYP done!!??!! "Game Over" is the best song off the album no doubt! Why wasn't that the title?!! It's dark and sinister, fits the concept of the cardinal sins, but that disappeared with the rest of the album! 
But the album is good, and consistent to an extent. It just didn't fit the concept. 
Comment and tell me how you feel about the album and if you disagree with me or not, help me understand the concept. 

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  1. Hahahaha i knew the feeling of yours.. Over all I am agree with sort of ur review. Lemme give an opinion. The (maybe) reason why they didnt made gane over as their title song perhaps caused of the song was has a similiar type as dont stop cant stop. And the point of their comeback is they wanna show that theyre different than ever. I guessed hahaha. But Grown's songs were extremely AWESOME!


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